Topher Grace And His Tiny Knife Vs. The Predators: Who Wins?

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The latest character video for Robert Rodriguez's Predators is out. This time it's all about Topher Grace's psychotic character Edwin, who's armed only with a scalpel. How is this guy not Predator kibble?


So let's sort this whole video out — warning, spoilers ahead.

If Edwin is a doctor and stuck on a planet with a collection of the "Earth's worst people," I think it's safe to assume he's a pretty bad doctor. Probably not bad in a The Hand That Rocks The Cradle creepy, no-gloves doctor way — more like "it puts the lotion in the basket" creepy. At least that's what we're hoping. Because if Topher is merely the kind of doctor that likes to operate on people sans anesthesia, then fuck it — he's done for. Even if he jumps out of a tree like an evil woodland nymph, scalpel in hand, trying to sneak-attack one of these Predators, this guy will be no match for the deadliest extraterrestrials. I guess he'll just be killing the other characters, and — let's hope — wearing their faces as hats. [Predators Movie]

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Article headline or Freudian imagery? You be the judge!

(It's Freudian imagery.)