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Top Six SciFi DVD Sets of the Season

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Like a mutant virus that wipes out most of humanity, the holidays are upon us once again. If you've been slipping into the Grinch-like ease of just picking up gift cards for everyone at your local supermarket instead of putting real thought into your gift giving, then you need to buck up and give some quality items this year. In fact, we'll make it easy for you. Whether you're picking something up for the scifi fan in your life, or you're spreading your own geeky love, these brand-new DVDs are well worth getting, or giving.

  • Close Encounters Of The Third Kind: Spielberg sure knows how to milk it. We've already had a Special Edition of this come out, complete with new footage. However, not content to just swim in pools full of thousand-dollar bills, he's now putting out the 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition. Okay, it's the best the film has looked, and it has all three versions of the movie in the set. Just, enough already. We get it. Don't make us go Richard Dreyfus loco.
  • Battlestar Galactica: Razor: This just aired on TV a couple of weeks ago, but you can now own it without the annoying Quiznos commercials, plus there's a frakload of extra features, deleted scenes, and flashbacks on here for you to spend your time with while you hide from Aunt Mildred and her holiday fruitcake. You can also put it under your pillow and rock yourself to sleep at night while you wait for Season Four.
  • Battlestar Galactica: Season One: While both the original miniseries and Season One have already been available in DVD sets, this one gives you both in high-definition. Once you make the jump to HD, you'll never go back. So say we all. This newly-available set includes all the extras from the previous editions as well. If you have been waiting on trying this show out, stop waiting and learn to start loving the Cylons.
  • Heroes: Season One: This is what started it all, and it's filled with a load of extras. The commentaries on these discs are great, especially the ones with Jack Coleman, Greg Grunberg, and Sendhil Ramamurthy, who basically joke their way through the whole thing. But some of the extras are just plain dorky. There's one where Grunberg "Reads Your Mind." Young kids might find amusing, but why not just dump some of that content from the site onto the discs? Okay, enough bitching. The episodes look amazing (especially in the high-def version), and it's a great way to catch up on or try out the show while the writer's strike keeps it off the air.
  • Blade Runner: The Final Cut: Warners really scraped the bottom of the tank on this one to make sure they satisfied every Blade Runner fan on the planet. If you go for the briefcase version, you get all of the versions of the film, plus a ton of extra junk, including a scale model of one of the "Spinner" flying police cars, a replica of the origami unicorn that Gaff (Edward James Olmos) makes, and a lenticular motion card featuring Harrison Ford encased in carbonite... crap, we mean lucite. It's not all just fanwank toys either: there's a ton of new material about the movie, including a feature length "Dangerous Days" documentary about the making of the movie. Yes, it includes new interviews with Harrison Ford too.
  • X-Files: The Ultimate Collection: This is your ultimate gold-standard fanjob edition that other studios should set the bar by. It features all nine seasons of the show, plus the feature film. It's also housed in a cool black box that has a slide-out drawer on the bottom containing a comic book, a guide to the series, trading cards, a poster, and your dignity. This monster contains over 9,000 minutes of television, so make sure you clear a little room on your holiday calendar. The only thing that makes us sad is that they didn't toss in the complete The Lone Gunmen spinoff series, which only ran for 13 episodes. We're sure they'll release another version of this to bleed dry the remaining fans out there, but until then, have at it.

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