Top 30 WTF Moments From Lost

Apropos of Something lists off the top 30 WTF moments from the island-castaway show Lost, from the death of Boone, to Jack's Dad turning up... right on down the line to the discovery of a fake Oceanic 815. We've collected a few of our favorite moments after the jump, plus a couple of our own suggestions. Spoilers ahead.

Nikki and Paulo Are Buried Alive:

Great to see these incredibly annoying characters get the axe, but strange to see them go in such a way. Cruel, cruel island... you know no mercy.

Jack Plays Football With The Others

Pretty much everything Jack does makes me yell WTF? It seems he's on a never ending quest to make enemies out of friends and friends out of enemies, over and over.


Plane Falls On Top Of Boone, Killing Him

A sad WTF, because we were all just starting to warm up to Boone.

Richard Alpert Doesn't Age:

Oh yeah, and he's terribly creepy and can travel in time, or maybe that's the not aging part. Either way, WTF is this guy's deal? Is he a good guy or a bad guy?


Four-Toed Statue:

"I don't know what I find more disquieting: the fact that the rest of the statue is missing, or that it has four toes." - Sayid


Hello Brother:

Desmond lives in the hatch, and listens to Mamma Cass...

Moments We Would Add:

OMG Polar Bear:

Was this taken from a comic, or the mind of Walt? Either way, what's it doing there?


Claire What's Your Deal?:

In this season's finale Claire appeared and confused the crap out of everyone by ditching her son and acting all smug and druggy in Jacobs house with her dead father. What's the deal with Claire? Dead or alive?


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