Top 20 TV Moments Of 2008

This year the TV was jam-packed with climactic kisses, deaths and waffles. Here's our video roundup of our favorite moments, silly and serious, from 2008 TV.

Compilation 1:

Chuck - Smooch - "Chuck Versus The Ex"
John Casey (Adam Baldwin) is the best part of Chuck and makes the floppy-haired nerd boy tolerable.


True Blood - How To Kill A Vampire - "Plaisir d'amour
Didn't know that the rule of "if you throw up, then I'm going to throw up" applies to vampires.

Doctor Who - Cyberman Transformer - "The Next Doctor"
Jesus H Christ that's cool.

Lost - I Said All Of You - "There's No Place Like Home: Part 2"
Who knew being in a coffin could be so intimidating?

Fringe - First Walterism - "Pilot"
That is the sound of a new era of science funny, crazy-style.

Sarah Connor Chronicles - Crazy Future Ladies - "Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point"
All the ladies from the future put your hands up!


Eureka - Bye Bye Nathan - "I Do Over"
I complained about Nathan's exit on this show the first time around, but it's really grown on me after watching it a few more times.

Eleventh Hour - Flesh Eating STDs - "Spring Break Sucks"
Flesh eating STDs totally ruined my spring break, too.


The Office - Dumbledore Calrissian - "Business Ethics"
Funniest science fiction joke of the season.

Stargate Atlantis - Nerd Love, McKay Style - "Brain Storm"

The nerd gets the girl.


The Sarah Connor Chronicles - Derek Blows Our Minds - "Complications"
Wait, what? How many times did you rewind this part?

Battlestar Galactica - Cally Air Locked - "The Ties That Bind"
GOOD RIDDANCE. Thank you, RDM, for delivering what I needed.


True Blood - Sad Dancing For Drugs - "Escape from Dragon House"
Sparked a whole revolution of sad underwear dancing.

Compilation 2:
Dr. Who - Kiss Goodbye - "Journey's End"
Why can't I meet a man like the Doctor? Best kiss, because it kept the real Doctor at bay, and Rose off in another dimension (not that I don't love her — I'm just ready for some new blood).


Life On Mars - Sam Teaches Black Panthers About Vanilla Ice - "Things to Do in New York When You Think You're Dead"
Sam, you are the man.

Smallville - Doomsday Ruins Lame Wedding - "Bride"
Only thing worth watching on Smallville this season so far: Sam Witwer as Doomsday.


Battlestar Galactica - Finding Earth - "Revelations"
You made a wrong turn at Saturn.

Heroes - Waffles! - "I Am Become Death"
Surprise — I'm creepier when I act normal!


Venture Brothers - OSI Song
Big "Tah Dah" moment.

Lost - World's Best Phone Conversation - "The Constant"
My favorite episode of the season — just a beautiful example of a great pay-off after a long, long, long wait for these two lovers.


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