Top 10 Movies You'll (Probably) Never See

This new list of the 10 best unfilmed science fiction films includes a lot of sequels. Designer Simon Kitson would like to see followups to the original Star Wars trilogy, Serenity and Aliens. But he wishes the Wachowski sibs had made a Matrix prequel instead of the two sequels. Like most people, Kitson thinks George Lucas' obsession with filling in the backstory has ruined Star Wars:

Star Wars should have moved forwards. New stories, new characters and a new lease of life.


His dream Aliens sequel would move the saga forward by bringing the aliens to Earth. And he has lots of ideas for video-game movies, including Peter Jackson's Halo and Doom done right. Image by Getty Images.

Top 10 Science Fiction Movies That Deserve To Be Made [Kitsimons]

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