Top 10 best moments from Star Wars Celebration V

Last weekend, Orlando was filled with wampas, Ewoks, Jedi Knights, droids and Rancors, for the Star Wars Celebration V. Jon Stewart went toe-to-toe with George Lucas on stage, deleted scenes were revealed, and R2D2 got married. Here are the highlights.

Jon Stewart interviews George Lucas

The Main Event! Jon Stewart sat down with Star Wars creator George Lucas, and while we break out the two most galaxy-shattering announcements below, the entire interview was so amazing, it deserves to be watched in its entirety. So we've collected it from the internet, and posted it below. Enjoy.


Star Wars is coming to Blu-Ray in 2011

The first big announcement came via Lucas himself, during the Stewart interview. The Blu-Ray box set is finally happening, rejoice. But it's only the upgraded version. Poodoo.

Deleted Scene From Return of The Jedi

One of the BIG reasons to get excited about the Blu-Ray box set are the never-before-seen deleted scenes. Like this scene, which was supposed to be Luke's original reintroduction in The Return of the Jedi. Mark Hamil graced the stage at the Stewart and Lucas Main Event to introduce this short clip. If you didn't see it already this weekend, watch it again here:

Argue amongst yourselves whether it should, or shouldn't, have been included. We're still waiting for the Wampa attack to get released. Fingers crossed it will be on this DVD collection, and not the 2015 super-ultralux-Blu-Ray-beamed-into-your-mind DVD box set.


The Toys

The best new, new toy to be released at Celebration? The Jon Stewart Stormtrooper from planet Stewjon. He even comes with interchangeable heads for a shaven or unshaven Stewart look. Plus Hasbro released a few re-issues, like the TIE Bomber.


The Costumes

Star Wars fans outdid themselves this year. Truly an exceptional year of cosplay. Our hearts belong to the Malakili cosplayer with his tiny roller-skating Rancor, and the Family Guy Han Solo. Here are more of our favorites:

To watch highlights from the actual Costume Contest (so many gorgeous Queen Amidalas) check out Star's video tribute.


R2D2 Got Married


Sorry ladies and gents, he's taken. After a whirlwind round of Star Wars Speed Dating "30 Dates in Less Than a Parsec!" Star's Bonnie Burton decided it was time to make an honest bot out of R2D2. The two shared a lovely commitment ceremony at the Star Wars Celebration Chapel (where a handful of other Star Wars fans also got hitched). Watch the amazing ceremony at Good luck you crazy kids in droid love.

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New Clone Wars Season 3 Trailer

Darth Maul's Brother


Behold Darth Maul's bigger, meaner, and greener brother, Savage Oppress. According to IGN, not only will the Republic Commandos be making an appearance in the new Clone Wars season, but so will Darth Maul's brother Savage Oppress — plus George Lucas himself! Baron Papanoida, a character Lucas played in Revenge of the Sith will be making yet another cameo in the third season of the Clone Wars. And apparently, he twirls a mean lightsaber.


Here's another image of Savage Oppress that was taken at the Celebration, from a chalk artist.

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Star Tours

Disney gave a video tease for the brand new Star Tours ride...

Full Scale TIE Interceptor Replica

There were photo ops aplenty at Celebration. You could sit down at a table with a member of the Mos Eisley Cantina, or even perch atop Jabba's tail. But we were most impressed with this full scale TIE Interceptor. Amazing.

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