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Toonami and Production IG Are Adapting Junji Ito’s Horror Classic Uzumaki

The spirals are everywhere.
The spirals are everywhere.
Image: Toonami/Junji Ito/Production IG

This is my show. It was made for me.

Junji Ito is one of the premiere names in horror comics, and one of the best manga creators ever. He’s known for a variety of incredible, haunting works, but one of his most famous is the horror classic Uzumaki, the story of spirals that drive a small Japanese town into madness.


Now, Uzumaki is getting a four-part miniseries adaptation courtesy of an exciting partnership between Cartoon Network’s Toonami and the anime production house Production IG. Set to premiere sometime in 2020, the adaptation of the 1998 manga will feature a soundtrack composed by Colin Stetson (Hereditary) and direction by HIroshi Nagahama (The Flowers of Evil).

You can watch the teaser above. I’m spooked already.


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Holy crap.  I want to see this.  One of the creepiest works I have ever read.  Always struck me as some that Lovecraft would have liked.