Tony Scott tapped to direct movie version of "evil Batman" comic Nemesis

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Tony Scott, the director of such gritty action flicks as True Romance and The Last Boy Scout, is now attached to the film adaptation of Mark Millar and Steve McNiven's "What if Batman was a bad guy?" miniseries Nemesis.

Nemesis follows Matt Anderson, a twisted Bruce Wayne analogue who travels the world antagonizing and killing the Commissioner Gordons of major metropolises. The Nemesis series focuses on Anderson's efforts to take down Blake Morrow, the supercop of Washington, DC. Millar confirmed the news today on his Millarworld forums:

Bryan Hitch and I would reference Tony on a weekly basis when we were doing The Ultimates. Our dream was an Ultimates movie with Scott directing because he can do the character work and the intensity, but also handle scale and action like practically no other. The idea of a him helming a superhero movie had us giddy and here he is directing the one Steve McNiven and I created. We found out last Friday night and managed to keep a secret from all but a few of our closest friends and family. But this is the call I had a couple of weeks back, which I described as the most exciting of my career; Tony on the blower chatting about how he wanted to shoot certain scenes if we gave him the rights. He was buzzing about it, describing Steve [McNiven] as the best comic book artist he's seen in over twenty years. We talked casting, we talked budget (and we're talking way more than Wanted and Kick-Ass put together here in terms of money for him to play with) and we talked with Fox about making this into a major franchise, something they're really going to invest their time and energy into.


It's uncertain when Scott will get around to directing the film (he has several other potential projects lined up), but he's a good choice for a hardboiled actioner like NemesisMan on Fire was unabashed revenge pop and The Last Boy Scout is an underrated gem. Also, Scott directed Top Gun, so fingers crossed that we get a sweet Kenny Loggins-scored volleyball scene!

[Via Bleeding Cool and Deadline]

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Franklin Harris

This would have seemed like big news if Millar hadn't spent the last 48 hours pre-hyping it. Now it seems underwhelming, pretty much like everything Millar does, actually. So it fits.