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In today's Morning Spoilers, we've got tons of new details about the Hellboy sequel, including a crucial scene that could set up a possible Hellboy III. We've also got new set pics from X-Files 2 and a first look at Garrett Dillahunt in Sarah Connor Chronicles. Plus spoilage on Lost and Star Trek. Click through to ruin all the surprises!

Hellboy 2 takes place four years after Hellboy, when Liz has moved in with Hellboy in the BPRD headquarters. A struggle emerges between two elf factions, led by Princess Nuala (Anna Walton) and Prince Nuada (Luke Goss) respectively. Everybody's trying to get hold of the missing piece of the crown of the Troll Kingdom, split into three pieces after an epic battle. Whoever puts all the pieces together can lead the unstoppable Golden Army.


The third piece of the crown is being sold off in an auction house in the surface world, and Prince Nuada's attempt to grab it puts him in conflict with Hellboy and the BPRD. SuperheroHype visited the sets of Hellboy 2 and saw the Troll King's chamber, actually a Hungarian church dressed up with six fake boilers from Antal & Co. Guillermo Del Toro & crew also built a huge Brooklyn street set, where Hellboy battles invading trolls and a giant creature.

Hellboy and Liz face the Angel of Death, played by Doug Jones, who brought many of the weird creatures in Pan's Labyrinth to life. The Angel's wings open to show a series of eyes. Liz makes some kind of deal with the Angel of Death to save Hellboy's life. The Angel asks her to choose "the world or him," and she chooses him. The Angel tells her that when the time comes, she'll suffer "more than than anyone," and she says she'll deal with it. This may set up a conflict for Hellboy III, if it happens. [SuperheroHype]

More spoilers:

  • Here are a couple of pics of Garrett Dillahunt (No Country For Old Men) in his new role as Cromartie (probably the evil Terminator) in Sarah Connor Chronicles. [The4400Guide]
  • Weirdly, Whoopi Goldberg confirmed that another crashed Oceanic Flight 815 will be recovered from the ocean (with people on it) in an upcoming Lost episode. Is it a fake plane? Or an alternate universe version? Whoopi's not saying. [SpoilersLost]
  • Here's a complete roundup of Star Trek spoilers and rumors that have already come out, with nothing particularly new. Time-traveling Romulans, Nero (Eric Bana), Nimoy traveling back, birth of Kirk, etc. etc. [UGO]
  • X-Files 2 will be all about swimsuits. Or maybe not, but apparently there's a key scene where someone, maybe David Duchovny, finds a swimsuit and a bracelet. Also, here are some new pics of the filming in Newfoundland, posted by co-star Xzibit. [XFilesNews]

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