Tons of Rumors About Game of Thrones And Batman v. Superman!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Lucasfilm may have met with yet another potential Star Wars director. Does Batman's next Batsuit have a much brighter color scheme? Find out when we'll see James McAvoy play Victor Frankenstein. Colin Trevorrow gives a new glimpse of a Jurassic World dinosaur. And what's in Malcolm Merlyn's vial on Arrow? Spoilers now!

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Star Wars

Latino Review has heard that Neil Marshall (who has directed Game of Thrones, the Constantine pilot, The Descent, and Doomsday) has met with Lucasfilm. The meeting could mean anything: that they're seeking his expertise for whatever reason, talking to him about one of the standalone movies, or possibly even a TV pilot. Regardless, it's possible that Marshall will bring his expertise in creating mayhem on a budget to a Star Wars movie. [Latino Review]


Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice

Important news: rumor has it that Jesse Eisenberg's Lex Luthor is sporting "a lot" of hair. Compared to Eisenberg's usual look, it's longer, wavy, and dirty blond. But the scenes where he's been spotted are apparently from the start of the film — so who knows what the state of his hair will be by the end of the thing? [Batman News]

More LexCorp news: Sources tell Comic that Holly Hunter is playing a U.S. Senator. Her character visits LexCorp along with a U.S. Congressman, only for the Congressman to be embarrassed by Luthor. (They also confirm the hair thing.)

They also hear that Japanese actress Tao Okamoto is playing Lex Luthor's assistant, "Mercy." This probably means she's Mercy Graves, the comics/cartoon character who is Luthor's personal assistant and bodyguard. [Comic]


Forbes has an interesting article positing that the current Marvel/Warner Bros. pissing match that is the summer 2016 movie slate could be "won" by moving Batman v. Superman from May to April. The article details all the times that the early movies, like Twister prior to Mission: Impossible or even The Avengers before The Dark Knight Rises, have made the presumptive summer champion look bad. No clue if this reasoning will have an effect on Warner Bros., but interesting nonetheless. [Forbes]

Mattel has the license to create the tie-in toys for DC and Warner Bros. television shows and movies. So when a photo of an upcoming Batman toy showing the Caped Crusader in what looks like a costume fortified with kryptonite popped up, speculation abounds that it could be for the upcoming Batman v. Superman. We've already heard a rumor that the Batsuit we've seen isn't the only one in the film, so maybe the second one isn't an armored one, but one created just for fighting Superman. [Variety via mlive]

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A New York Times article brought us information about the design of the film's cheapest train cars:

As this dark, monochromatic image suggests, life is dreary for the train's poorest passengers. They subsist on gelatinous protein blocks and hole up in tight, crowded living quarters. Images of living arrangements in poor areas of Hong Kong and elsewhere inspired the set design.

"What we realized was that everything was so used and so dirty in these places, that color almost vanished," Mr. Nekvasil [the production designer] said, speaking by phone from Prague. "We started with colorful props that we washed out and aged a lot to get that feeling of really used property and space."

The filmmakers came up with a back story in which the cars were once used for industrial and storage purposes. When people moved in, they didn't renovate the cars, so the inhabitants turned what was there into something livable: storage shelves and containers converted into small, cramped bunk beds.



Jurassic World

Director Colin Trevorrow teased a shadow of a dinosaur, with his only context being "Nights." [Twitter via Coming Soon]

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Victor Frankenstein

The Fox movie, previously titled Frankenstein, has received a new title and a new synopsis:

James McAvoy is Victor Von Frankenstein and Daniel Radcliffe stars as Igor in a unique, never-before-seen twist on Mary Shelley's classic 19th century novel. Told from Igor's perspective, we see the troubled young assistant's dark origins, his redemptive friendship with the young medical student Victor Von Frankenstein, and become eyewitnesses to the emergence of how Frankenstein became the man—and the legend—we know today.


The film's directed by Paul McGuigan, who directed the underrated Push, along with the first two seasons of Sherlock. [Slashfilm]


Cory Hardrict (Transcendence) has joined the cast of this film, which follows a special ops team fighting the supernatural in New York City. [The Hollywood Reporter]



The so-far-untitled next entry in the Bourne franchise, continuing with Jeremy Renner in the lead, has been moved from August 14, 2015, to Friday, July 15, 2016. Justin Lin (Fast & Furious 6) is still on board to direct.



In addition to previewing the upcoming Transformers 4, a recent Paramount Pictures International presentation has set the fifth installment in the franchise for release in 2016. [The Hollywood Reporter]


And here's some behind-the-scenes "B-roll" footage:


Here's a new TV spot, showcasing Lucy's drug-induced psychic powers:

Game of Thrones

We've seen leaked character descriptions and location scouting in Spain that hint at season 5 heading to Dorne and now showrunners Dan Weiss and David Benioff have confirmed it:

There will be Dorne, and we're excited about it. Who wouldn't want to hang out in Dorne? They have admirable values and priorities. And have you seen Oberyn's coat?


They also previewed Littlefinger and Varys' plans and how they will play into the next season:

Littlefinger has been open with a few people about what he wants: Varys, Sansa, a few prostitutes, us. He wants everything. He wants to sit on that throne. By necessity, his path there will be twisted and indirect. But everything he does in some way points to that goal. As for Varys: Early in the season, when speaking with Tyrion, Varys claims to be concerned primarily with self preservation. At the end of the season, though, his actions prove otherwise. He throws away the entire life he's built for himself in King's Landing to save Tyrion's life. Now what? … "Now what?" will become eminently clear in season 5.


[Entertainment Weekly]

Speaking of Dorne, Winter Is Coming quotes unnamed sources as saying that Princess Myrcella's betrothal to Prince Trystane of Dorne will be played up in season five. Myrcella will fall in love with her intended, in a big romance storyline that's not really in the book. And they hear that Myrcella, last seen played by Aimee Richardson, has been recast. Rumor has it that Nell Tiger Free will take over the role. [Winter Is Coming]


Doctor Who

Keeley Hawes, who will play Ms. Delphox in the upcoming season, said she "loved" filming and that "Peter Capaldi is just fabulous – I think everyone's going to love him. [But] It was quite nerve-wracking going on such a big show." [The Independent]


The Vampire Diaries

Michael Trevino said in an interview that Tyler is "definitely going to move on" from Caroline. Kat Graham also said that, regardless of what happened in the finale, she'd be back next season. See the interviews at the link. [Popsugar]



At a con in Phoenix, John Barrowman was asked about the vial that Malcolm Merlyn was wearing around his neck. Barrowman wouldn't answer whether or not it was the superdrug mirakuru, but did say that it is important and will be explored next season. [OSCK]



The show has a new season premiering this summer, and creator Dennis Kelly says the show was always intended to be more than a one-off and that they have their fingers crossed for a third season. [Den of Geek]



Here's some set video from the Netflix series helmed by J. Michael Straczynski and the Wachowskis, showing motorcyclists riding around. They're filming close-ups that they won't be able to get while filming at San Francisco Pride next weekend. [Mission Local]



Here's a trailer for TNT's new show, which stars Sean Bean as a superspy who can turn himself into whatever undercover role is needed — and is discovering that his own identity may not be what he thinks. (Because he's been brainwashed or mind-controlled, maybe.)


Go here for more promotional photos from the pilot. [SpoilerTV]

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Teen Wolf

Here are the titles and descriptions of the first 3 episodes of season 4:

Episode 4.01 - The Dark Moon

When one of their friends goes missing, Scott and the pack travel into Mexico on a search and rescue mission.

Episode 4.02 - 117

Anxious to put an end to Kate's plan, Scott must team up with an unlikely ally to accomplish the task.

Episode 4.03 - Muted

A new Freshman player jeopardizes Scott's position on the Lacrosse team; Stilinksi investigates a savage murder



And here are the opening credits sequence for season 4:


Go here for more photos from episode 1.10. [SpoilerTV]

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Additional reporting by Charlie Jane Anders and Ryan Plummer

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The Homework Ogre

I'd take this with a grain of salt. Part of what had made Batman so toyetic over the last 25 years or so is the potential for a wide array of situational batsuits with a more-or-less tangential relationship to what may have actually appeared onscreen somewhere.