Tons of Riddick 3 character details reveal new link to Pitch Black

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Good news, Furyan fans — David Twohy and Vin Diesel's third Riddick movie has started casting, and new details are leaking out all over! Find out who's coming back from the Underverse right now.


Spoilers ahead...

Some casting pages have surfaced, and they introduce a whole bunch of new characters (but this new information should be taken with a grain of salt, as anything can change during production). That said, let's find out whom Riddick meets in his new future:

Consorts! - A nice futuristic word for space hookers. Just because Riddick is now the leader of the necromonger the Lord Marshall to be precise, that doesn't mean he's not still the same old Riddick. It would appear (from the casting pages) that Riddick has a futuristic party with not just one, but four hookers (who all seem to be "thoroughly sated.") It's good to be the Lord Marshall, no doubt.

Alpha Kid - Another interesting character whom they're looking to cast is a young Riddick. While the casting pages don't out right and say that this little kid with the silver eyes is some kind of trippy flashback, it certainly comes off that way. Especially since he's all alone and digging the graves of his massacred loved ones. Poor baby Riddick.

Mercs - There are plenty of new Mercs for Riddick to tease, punch and possibly team up with. Somehow Riddick gets out of the Necro world and winds up stranded on a scary planet, with a pack of mercs on his tail (just like old times). Dahl, a female mercenary who is completely disenchanted with men, especially the Furyan, seems like she could be a lot of fun. Also, she enjoys sponge baths. But she dislikes perverts, like the other new merc Santana (who is pretty good with the one-liners, and very machete-happy). Finally there's the merc Boss Johns, who could be the smartest out of all the mercs, and the one with the most interesting back story. Boss Johns is hellbent on finding his son, who was in the the transport ship Hunter-Gratzner (the same ship that crash landed in Pitch Black). Turns out his son is William J. Johns (played by Cole Hauser in the first Riddick picture).

Commander Krone - A Necromonger commander with heaps of scars, who takes Riddick back to his home planet, or what's left of it.

And that's it as far as the new characters — but wait, there's more! Karl Urban's character Vaako is referenced a few times in the pages, and it would appear as if this new script intends to shed some light on the more honorable side of this Necro warrior. Sadly, very little time is spent in the Underverse, which is something we've been dying to find out more about since Chronicles. But, this film really feels like a return to the "Riddick being pursued" storylines we started with.


Most importantly, there are plenty of quality Riddick one-liners to rival the infamous "kill you with my tea cup" gag. Because what's our Furyan without a good BJ joke?

For more about these casting pages, check out Moviehole, which also got a hold of them.




Just give us a good movie and I won't care about having a tie in to the first film. All I want is a good film.