Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.  

It's spoiler overload once again. We've got a synopsis of the first half hour of Wall-E, and a video that shows a new character from Batman: The Dark Knight in action. And some photos from the sixth episode of the new Battlestar season. Not only that, but we've turned up some dirt on upcoming episodes of Doctor Who, Lost and Smallville. Your spoiler warning was five minutes ago, and you're still here. What's up with that?

The Dark Knight:

Here's a new viral video that went online at one of the viral sites for this summer's Batman movie, The Dark Knight. Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gillenhaal) explains why we should support Harvey Dent. He's totally got my vote. [Comic Book Resources]



Latino Review got to see the first 35 minutes of Wall-E, and summarized the film's opening. It's the year 2700 and humans have abandoned Earth because there was too much trash. Wall-E, built by B&L Flight and CEO Shelby Forthwright, has been left behind and keeps scrunching the trash into cubes, recharging his solar batteries every morning. His only company is a cockroach, and he has to hide from dust storms. He collects random items inside his little spaceship home, and watches Barbara Streisand videos.

Then a mysterious ship lands on Earth, carrying Eve, the bullet/ghost-shaped robot whom Wall-E falls in love with. He builds her a replica of himself out of trash as a present, but she's not impressed, showing off her destructo-lasers to him. Then there's a cool high-speed chase sequence. Wall-E shows Eve all the items he's collected, and when he shows her a small plant, she shuts down weirdly. We gather that she was sent to Earth to look for signs of life. Then her ship comes to take her away, and Wall-E grabs onto the side and stows away. The ship flies up to an even bigger ship called Axiom, also built by B&L. [Latino Review]



In the April 24 Smallville, "Sleeper," Clark desperately searches for both Kara and Brainiac, the only one who can reverse Lana's "condition" after the April 17 episode. To help Clark in his search, Chloe breaks into some government computers to look for big power surges. This get Chloe on the radar of the Department of Domestic Security. The Department wants Jimmy to help it arrest Chloe, but meanwhile Lex offers to get Chloe off the hook if Jimmy agrees to be in Lex's debt. (So maybe something pretty bad happens to Lana in the upcoming April 17 episode?) [Kryptonsite]


The big war on the island all goes down in the next Lost episode, airing April 24, and by the following episode, Jack looks a bit messy. Also, in addition to the two Australian characters we already told you are appearing in the season finale, there's a "quick-witted" leader named Karen Dekker, who's an expert at swaying everyone around her to her point of view. [E! Online]


Battlestar Galactica:

Here are some stils from the sixth episode of the current BSG season, showing Tigh getting all intimate with Six. And Baltar making an even weirder face than usual. [Trini's World]



Doctor Who:

In the sixth episode of the current Doctor Who season, when we meet the Doctor's daughter, it may not actually be as simple as aliens having stolen the Doctor's DNA after all. Donna, the Doctor's new companion, is like Jiminy Cricket on his shoulder, giving him parenting advice. (Even though the Doctor already had a granddaughter and Donna's had, what? A goldfish?) Donna tells the Doctor, "I've seen men like that round our estate, with pushchairs and prams. You've gone into dadshock."


Meanwhile, you may have heard Richard Dawkins will appear in an upcoming Who episode — and Dick-to-the-Dawk-to-the-PhD will be playing himself. Dawkins was "just as mad and barking as you would want him to be," says showrunner Russell T. Davies. (And yes, I know that he's married to Lalla Ward, former Doctor Who companion and Tom Baker spouse.) [PodBlack Blog]

Meanwhile, Digital Spy has some spoilers for the next episode, "Fires of Pompeii." But they're once again doing that annoying thing of including one false spoiler amongst the real spoilers. The spoilers include the TARDIS getting sold without the Doctor's consent, Rose popping up again, Donna taking a cameraphone pic of the volcano and sending it to Wilf, some people in Pompeii already knowing about the Doctor, an escape pod getting used, and Donna getting turned to stone. [Doctor Who Hideout]