Tons of new videos for Green Lantern, X-Men: First Class, Harry Potter, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Doctor Who, and maybe even The Dark Knight Rises!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Has the viral video campaign for The Dark Knight Rises already begun? The Hunger Games expands, while a Doctor Who alien reveals tons of spoilers. Jane Espenson talks Torchwood, Game of Thrones, and the new Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased).

Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from Doctor Who.

The Dark Knight Rises

It would seem that the movie's viral video campaign has begun, featuring the return of Anthony Michael Hall (kids love the Anthony Michael Hall) as a news broadcaster reporting on an Arkham Asylum breakout and fires in Gotham City. There's a definite possibility that this is just a clever fake - a campaign poster for Matthew Modine's Nixon (kids really love the Matthew Modine) has also hit the web, but I'm almost certain that's just a bit of fan art. Anyway, here are the viral videos in question, so you can judge for yourself.

Meanwhile, in other Bat-news, there's a rumor going around the London set that the Croydon Delta Point building - which according to previous reports will be digitally demolished for the movie - is being used as a hospital, and that Alfred is admitted there as a patient. That last bit supposedly came from a security guard, which is totally the sort of guy Christopher Nolan would keep in the loop about all major plot points. So, yeah...grain of salt on this one, I'd say. Honestly, grains of salt on everything Batman-related seems like a good policy. [IGN]


Green Lantern

Here are some new promos.

X-Men: First Class

Here's a new TV spot.

The Avengers

Here's a (very) brief set report from Upper Deck's Entertainment Team, who were invited to Albuquerque as part of Marvel's marketing plans:

On Wednesday we were on the actual set of the film and there was a lot going on. Marvel shared that it was the biggest set they had ever built and when we stepped on the bridge of the Avengers Helicarrier, we realized they were very serious. It was like the bridge of The Star Trek Enterprise on steroids, just amazing to behold.

[Upper Deck]

Captain America

Here are some new character posters. []

And here's a new TV spot:

The Hunger Games

Lionsgate has confirmed plans to expand the trilogy into four movies, much like what happened with the Twilight and Harry Potter franchises. The smart money is on the final book Mockingjay being split into two movies, but no details have been announced yet. [Deadline]


Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the big wingsuit base jumping sequence. [FilmDrunk]

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II

Here are some TV spots.

Here's another character poster, this time of Helena Bonham Carter as Bellatrix Lestrange. []


Pride and Prejudice and Zombies

Buffy the Vampire Slayer writer Morti Noxon - who more recently has worked on I Am Number Four and the Fright Night remake with new director Craig Gillespie - is reportedly working on script rewrites. [The Wrap]


Fright Night

Speaking of which, Craig Gillespie has confirmed that musician Lisa Loeb will play the mother of Christopher Mintz-Plasse's character "Evil" Ed Thompson. [MTV Movies Blog]


Spy Kids 4: All the Time in the World

Here's a poster for the latest entry in the absurdly long-running franchise, which now stars Jessica Alba for some reason. []


Apollo 18

The found footage horror movie has moved its release date for the fifth time, in this case to Labor Day weekend, which is traditionally a dumping ground for movies the studios have lost faith in. Which, you know, could probably have been guessed from the whole "moving the release date five times" thing. [The AV Club]


Doctor Who

Here's another trailer and a sneak peek at "A Good Man Goes to War."

Here are some more cast photos, including our first really good look at the return of Rory the Roman. [SpoilerTV]


Simon Fisher-Becker, who played the blue-skinned alien Dorium in "The Pandorica Opens", discusses his return appearance in "A Good Man Goes to War." He drops a ton of intriguing details, including the fact that he's also back for episode 13. First of all, he describes just how his character fits in:

"It's a major part in the storyline, Dorium becomes a bit of a hero! Dorium is at heart a good guy, but he lives in the murky depths... He works in the murky world of black marketing, so that's why River Song went to him to get the vortex manipulator [in 'The Pandorica Opens'].


He also said that he appears throughout the episode and, while he doesn't share any scenes with Alex Kingston as River Song, he does appear with Matt Smith, and that he even gets a scene in the TARDIS. He also says there are lots of special effects in his scenes, "for reasons which will become apparent when you see it." He also seems to imply that something dramatic happens to his character, perhaps enough to doubt his survival - and that's why he confirmed he's definitely back for episode 13. When asked if he has a big part in the final episode, here was his response:

"Yes, it's already been filmed. It's the last episode of the series and, what I will tell you, is that in Episode 7 Dorium is a hero and in Episode 13 he's more of a tormenting mentor. Again, lots of answers - everything will be answered in Episode 13, but then something else will be asked, so you've got the cliffhanger to the new series."


Finally, he mentioned in passing that he worked with Mark Gatiss on episode 13, suggesting that the longtime writer and actor (he was the title character in "The Lazarus Experiment" and did uncredited voice work for his most recent episode "Victory of the Daleks) will be making a return appearance. We've got nothing to go on as for who Gatiss will be playing - particularly since Richard Lazarus is very, very dead - so I'm going to go ahead and idly hope for a random Mycroft Holmes cameo. [Cult Box]

Torchwood: Miracle Day

Series writer Jane Espenson offers an overview of what to expect:

Well, I can't give plot spoilers, but I can remind people that it's not a reboot, or "American remake". This is the same show. The adventure brings our UK characters to the US and there are new US characters, but this is also still Jack and Gwen and Rhys and even PC (now Sgt) Andy. There are scenes set and shot back in Wales and lots of references to previous adventures. It's Russell's show as much as it ever was.

Starz certainly opens things up in terms of language and such — I do find that freeing. If you're writing from life, trying to write like real, say, FBI agents would talk, you end up having to write *around* the expletives, which sounds fake. So it's nice having them there — not to shock, but just to sound real. Come to think of it, the effects and explosions are exactly the same. The show totally worked with more modest effects. So we wrote the same show - a show that would work without them — then had big explosions or big vistas or big sexy, or whatever, where it would make sense and be "real."


[Huffington Post]

Here are some promo photos for episode 1. [SpoilerTV]

Game of Thrones

Jane Espenson discusses her experience writing for the show and her future with the series:

I LOVED LOVED LOVED my experience at Game of Thrones! I was told which part of the book was "mine," and I tried to stick close to it. I had been given the BEST part, of course — not just the crown, but the horse heart — it was the horse heart that just blew me away as a reader. I knew they wanted to capture the book, but I was also given license. For example, there was very little if any Arya in that part of the book and in my initial draft I added some material for her, and David Benioff and DB Weiss were very happy with that and supportive of adding when it made sense. And of course, a scene that works in a novel needs to be selectively pruned and rearranged for the screen. That was fun — finding a way that a two-page scene could capture the emotional depth of a scene that might have run five pages or more of close-packed dialogue and description in the novel. So it felt very creative, but there was also this massive sense of security because you know that the story works.

I'm not currently scheduled to write another episode, but I would do so in an instant. Those guys are marvelous!


[Huffington Post]

Mark Addy teases where the show will go in the aftermath of his character King Robert Baratheon's death:

"Up to this point, the scene is really just being set, and you're getting to know who's who and what the relationship is with the other character and where they stand in the order of things. But once that throne becomes vacant, things start to crack along. The fight for power hasn't even started yet."


[Digital Spy]

True Blood

Episode 12 will reportedly be called "If I Die." [SpoilerTV]

Alan Ball offers some hints for season four:

"There are two factions at war: vampires and another fueled by witchcraft and power over the dead...We see [Sookie] use her powers. Other people see that too, and it's going to complicate things...Sookie will see a different Eric. From the Team Eric, Team Bill viewpoints, one of those teams will be happy, one won't."


Stephen Moyer adds:

"[Season four is] very different. Everybody's taken a real shift. Some time has passed, there are a lot of hierarchical shifts, and there's a new bad influence in town."


There are more details at the link. [True Blood News]

Ball also revealed that he shot a scene in 3D, and while he has no plans to use it in the show he found the process fairly straightforward, and he wouldn't be surprised if the show (and TV in general) moved in that direction, "especially if 3-D technology gets beyond having to wear the glasses." In fact, he thinks that's the more likely eventuality for True Blood, depending on how long the show lasts. [Daemon's TV]


Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased)

Jane Espenson talks about developing an American remake of the British supernatural cop show for Syfy:

I just know that SyFy came to me and Drew Z. Greenberg with this UK show 'Randall and Hopkirk, Deceased,' about a PI team, one of whom is a ghost. Now, we don't even normally write as a team, but that was part of the appeal, since we really do work well together. We looked at the show and liked it, and we considered various approaches, and ended up going with something kind of Battlestar-like in that we decided to really ground it. By that I mean that our questions all started with, "Okay, if this really happened...". In the end, we've come up with a very modern and believable version of a ghost. Our ghosts have some different rules than you've seen before, different motivations, and they fit into a realistic world in a different way. We're having fun with it and SyFy has been great at letting us explore this approach.


[Huffington Post]

Additional reporting by Gordon Jackson and Charlie Jane Anders.


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James Whitbrook

No new information really, but the Doctor Who Magazine (out today in the UK) preview for A Good Man Goes to War has a new publicity still of Madame Vastra, the Silurian-samurai woman in period dress from Tuesday's promo pictures (and I believe she's the one in the first trailer that says 'My friend, you have never risen higher...').

Now she has two Katanas.

Frankly, she's already become the best part of series 6 for me, and I've not seen her on screen yet!