Tons of New Rumors About Villains, Aliens, and Cameos in the Star Trek Sequel!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Tom Hiddleston reveals what he wants Loki to receive in Thor 2. The Amazing Spider-Man might be ridiculously short. James Cameron might partner with China for Avatar 2. Will James Bond be grappling with depression in Skyfall? Plus lots more on Prometheus and Men in Black 3!

Spoilers from here on out!

Top image from The Avengers.

Star Trek 2

TrekMovie has posted their own take on a bunch of recent Star Trek rumors. They have joined the chorus of news sources confirming that Leonard Nimoy has in fact been convinced to return one last time as the original Spock. And they also say that Sherlock star Benedict Cumberbatch is definitely playing Khan in the movie, though this will not simply be a rehash of the original Star Trek episode "Space Seed" (or Wrath of Khan, for that matter, though of course that would be really hard to rehash, without rehashing "Space Seed" first). Also, Klingons will definitely show up in this movie, after being cut out of J.J. Abrams's first Star Trek — and this time, it'll be an integral part of the plot that can't be edited out.


It's still best to take all these with a grain of salt, but I'd say the odds are more than decent that all of these end up being true. [Trek Movie]

Oh, and one last rumor: there might be a "deep space smackdown between Kirk and Khan in space suits." Well, I'd certainly hope they would wear space suits if they're heading out into deep space, smackdown or not. [Comic Book Movie]

Here's a bunch of set photos of Spock actor Zachary Quinto in what appears to be a business casual version of the Starfleet uniform. [Comic Book Movie]

Here's the full version of a recent quote from star Chris Pine about what to expect from the sequel:

"Of course I'm gonna tell you I think it's gonna be better. You pick up the characters from where they left off, and the development of the characters - I think - is just as exciting as the first one. And it's relentless. I think that's the best adjective I can use. We're almost done [filming]. It's wrapping up very soon. It's just as action-packed as the first one."


[Access Hollywood]

Also, filming is reportedly due to wrap up in the next week or so, with a trip to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory outside San Francisco. [On Location Vacations]


The Dark Knight Rises

Here are some images from the movie's new viral marketing campaign that call for the arrest of Batman. There's a full rundown of what it's all about at the link. [/Film]


The Avengers

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has done a lengthy podcast on the movie and the future of Marvel films over at Empire, while Yahoo! has a clip featuring commentary by writer-director Joss Whedon.


Thor 2

Tom Hiddleston has some thoughts on the continuing journey of Loki post-Avengers:

"It's part of the thrill of the character. Thor and Loki are defined by each other. Thor's reason for being in The Avengers is that Loki is on Earth and he has to get him back. What'll be interesting in Thor 2 is how it takes what happens now as a springboard. Natalie Portman will be back in as Jane Foster and the relationship between Thor and Jane will be extended, expanded and developed. What Chris Hemsworth and I would love is to be allowed is to have a moment — maybe not in Thor 2 but at some stage — when Loki is forgiven."


[Empire Online]

He added elsewhere:

I think I'm most excited about really taking the relationship between Loki and Thor to another level. [...] What interests me, and I think Chris too, is what's Odin going to say about all of this, and about what happened in The Avengers? Can Odin and Thor find forgiveness for Loki in their own hearts? Can Loki accept that forgiveness? Can he forgive himself? What would it take to bring Loki back from the brink, from the dark side?



The Amazing Spider-Man

I can't really believe this is correct, but the AMC Theaters website supposedly lists the running time for the new Spider-Man movie at just 90 minutes, which is about forty minutes shorter than the average superhero movie these days. While there could certainly be something to be said for a really lean Spidey reboot with zero padding, I'm about 95% certain this is just a mistake. [Hypable]


Here are a couple more posters. [SpoilerTV]


Here's a behind the scenes video. [Shock Till You Drop]

Avatar 2 and 3

James Cameron suggests that the Avatar sequels may follow the lead of Iron Man 3 and be co-productions with China:

It's still very exploratory. We're doing some meetings. We're just looking to see if it might make sense – in terms of what would be required of us and what we would get in return. Because again, this is a major market. I think by the time Avatar 2 and 3 come out, China could easily be the same size market as the United States, which is crazy. It's not something we anticipated even five years ago. But it totally makes sense when you're sitting here in Beijing and you see how they're basically skipping the latter part of the 20th century and going straight to the 21st century, with installation of 3D compliant digital theaters in towns that never even had a movie theater before. They're just skipping film completely. There's no film in their film business – which is pretty cool. And you know, it was the same story with the telcos here. They just skipped what didn't really work and went straight to what does work now. So that's exciting. It's an exciting market.


There's a lot more at the link on just why Cameron thinks this is the next big wave of the future of film. [Hollywood Reporter]

Snow White and the Huntsman

Here's a new TV spot for the movie featuring the single "Breath of Life" by Florence + the Machine, which will also appear as part of the movie's soundtrack. [People]

And here are some new character posters, which among other things is forcing me to consider at great length how attractive ravens would be if they all had Charlize Theron's eyes. So, uh, thanks for that, Snow White and the Huntsman character posters. [Coming Soon]



Here are some edited highlights from an introductory press conference for the latest James Bond movie's filming in Istanbul. [IGN]

Here's a key quote from director Sam Mendes:

"You always go back to the [Ian] Fleming [books] because the character Fleming created over a number of novels was incredibly complex. "Some people sometimes forget in the cliche of Bond, which is the international playboy, and someone who's always untroubled, and almost never breaks a sweat, that actually what [Fleming] created was a very conflicted character. [Skyfall presents Bond with a] combination of lassitude, boredom, depression, difficulty with what he's chosen to do for a living, which is to kill. That makes him a much more interesting character, and some of those things are explored in this movie, because Daniel [Craig] as an actor is capable of exploring them."


[Ace Showbiz]

The End of the World

Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel's movie about the actors Seth Rogen and Jay Baruchel weathering the apocalypse with a bunch of their real-life actor friends - which includes James Franco, Jonah Hill, Danny McBride, and Craig Robinson as themselves - has added some more actors as themselves, specifically Harry Potter's Emily Watson, The Muppets star Jason Segel, and Freaks and Geeks alum David Krumholtz, all of whom will presumably also be guests at James Franco's party when the end of the world hits, forcing these mid-level celebrities to realize just how much they don't want to spend the apocalypse with each other. [Heat Vision]


Men in Black 3

Director Barry Sonnenfeld discusses the process of turning Josh Brolin into a younger version of his No Country for Old Men costar Tommy Lee Jones, particularly since Brolin isn't actually that much younger than Jones:

Will Smith and I were really nervous, because we knew Will and Tommy had a great rapport, both on and off the set. They were a really good comedy duo, because you always need one funny guy and one straight man, like Abbort & Costello or Gracie Allen and George Burns. Tommy is in the first third of the movie - which takes place in the present - and the end of the movie. The middle two-thirds are Josh Brolin. The main way Will and I knew we could fail with this movie is if people were annoyed we broke up this perfect relationship, and didn't have one that was as good. The good thing is - or the bad thing for Josh, a little bit - I think as people watch the movie they forget they're watching two different actors play the same role, because Brolin is so incredibly good that you think you're watching a young Tommy Lee Jones. Not only is his accent and affliction really good, which is hard because people think Tommy has this flat voice, but it's actually quite musical, soft, and lovely.

Josh also looks a lot like a young Tommy Lee Jones. If you look at Tommy as a young Harvard football player, it's surprising how much Josh looks like Tommy. The biggest problem for Josh and myself is that we didn't want to do an imitation. Also, the characters is 40 years younger, so we meet him more happier and innocent, since he hasn't spent 40 years working as a men in black and having seen every alien problem. The issue was: how do we make Josh seem so much like Tommy, but be younger, fresher, and happier, but not make a joke of that? I thought Josh did a fantastic job at interpreting Tommy, as opposed to impersonating him. How's that for a long answer?

[Laughs] That's a good long answer. I especially love the idea of Josh Brolin playing 29.

Yeah, yeah, I know. You know what? That's called shining a lantern on it. Just as the audience asks, "Really? Josh Brolin is playing someone that's 29 years old?" Will asks how old he is and Josh replies "29." Will says, "Jeez, you got city miles on ya." [Laughs] It's like saying, "Alright, are you satisfied audience? We've answered your question."


Sonnenfeld also talks up the character stuff that underpins all the aliens and time travel zaniness:

Yeah, absolutely, Will Smith is 15 years older than he was when he did the first movie, and I don't think you really want to see Will being quite as overly energetic and naive as his character was in the first one. In fact, when Men in Black III starts, Will's character is seeking some answers, some companionship, and a relationship from Agent Kay, and he's not getting anything in return. Subtextually we don't talk about it in the movie, but I think Jay has had enough. There's a telephone conversation between Will and Tommy towards the end of the first act, where Will is asking for answers and friendship, and he's not getting it, and that's what propels us to the second act.


There's still plenty more at the link. [Film School Rejects]

Game of Thrones

Here's a promo for the next episode, "The Old Gods and the New."

True Blood

Here's a look ahead at season five, featuring Eric and Pam.

Lucy Griffiths, who played Marian on the recent Robin Hood series, discusses just what to expect from her character Nora, who is Eric's vampire sister since she was also made by Godric:

"She's an irreverent British lady who we think was turned during Elizabethan or Victorian times. It's been years since she's seen Eric, and she is very excited. She looks up to him, but they've had a fiery love/hate relationship in the way that brothers and sisters do."


There's more at the link, including a photo of her in action. [TV Guide]

Person of Interest

Here's a promo for episode twenty-one, "Many Happy Returns", which airs May 3.

Once Upon a Time

Here's a promo for the next episode, "An Apple Red as Blood."


Here's the description for May 18's "Woman in Black", which is the first season finale - in case you hadn't heard, the show has officially been renewed, and one rumor says the second season might kick off as early as August to take advantage of NBC's hopeful viewer bump from the London Olympics:

THE SEARCH FOR THE MYSTERIOUS GOLD COINS INTENSIFIES AS THE BODY COUNT IN PORTLAND RISES – MARY ELIZABETH MASTRANTONIO AND BREE TURNER GUEST STAR – As Nick (David Giuntoli) delves deeper into his life as a Grimm, a trail of grotesque murders reignites the search for the elusive gold coins. The arrival of a mysterious woman in black (guest star Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio) begins to get in the way of Nick and Hank's (Russell Hornsby) investigation as extra precautions have to be taken to ensure their safety. Meanwhile, Nick's ability to keep his true nature secret from Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) comes to a tipping point.




Here's a sneak peek for the next episode, "Reading is Fundamental."

And here are some promo photos. [SpoilerTV]

The Secret Circle

Here's a sneak peek for the next episode, "Prom."

Lost Girl

Erica Luttrell will reportedly return as Val a few episodes into season three, while Vex and Tamsin will reportedly appear in most episodes of the season. Guest stars include Tommie-Amber Pirie, David Richmond-Peck and Daniel DeSanto. [SpoilerTV]


Wizards vs. Aliens

Illustration for article titled Tons of New Rumors About Villains, Aliens, and Cameos in the emStar Trek/em Sequel!

Former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T. Davies has added some Who alums to his upcoming children's show about...well, you can probably guess what it's about. The guest stars include Annette Badland, who played the main Slitheen in series one - "Boom Town" in particular - as well as Don Gilet ("The Runaway Bride") and Nina Sosanya ("Fear Her"). And here's our first image from the series. [Blogtor Who]

Additional reporting by Ben Vrignon and Charlie Jane Anders.


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If he is Khan I will be slightly disappointed. Was hoping for something new and fresher. I could see Benedict being up for the challenge (and being full of himself enough) to try and pull a new take on that completely legendary roll. They did it with all the other TOS character to varying degrees of success.

Also, those Klingons better be a mix of ridges and no ridges...that I all I am saying. If they are all ridges I will be most disappointed. Enterprise still happened in this Universe Mr. JJ, whether you liked it or not.

Just please have a less stupid plot this time?