Tons of New Green Lantern trailers and action-packed Spider-Man Pics. Plus Joseph Gordon-Levitt explains Looper's time-traveling action!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Four new Green Lantern promos remind us that there are some actual humans in the movie. Plus casting updates for the Fantastic Voyage remake, the adaptation of Stephanie Meyer's non-Twilight book The Host, and Oz the Great and Powerful!


Spoilers from here on out.

Top image from Green Lantern.


We already covered all the highlights from the Thor press conference in yesterday's post, but for even more tidbits you can check out this roundup. As far as future Thor developments go, perhaps the most interesting comment was this one from Jaimie Alexander, who discusses whether Thor and her Asgardian warrior character Sif might ever become romantically entwined like they are in Norse mythology and some comics storylines, as well as one other rather weird possibility:

"I'm a huge comic book fan, and we had a great, big discussion about how far we wanted to take my admiration for Thor, and I think we did a good job of making it quite subtle. But it's still there, and of course it leaves the door open for other possibilities in the future, if there are future possibilities...In the comic books, Loki takes over Sif's body, I think that would be quite interesting and weird."



Green Lantern

Here's a bunch of new TV spots, including some new footage of Blake Lively as Carol Ferris.

The Amazing Spider-Man

Here are some new set photos from New York. [Splash News via Comic Book Movie The Daily Blam]


Joseph Gordon-Levitt discussed his new time-travel movie from Brick director Rian Johnson. He noted that there isn't a lot of CG in the movie, and he confirmed that he definitely does share scenes with his older self, played by Bruce Willis:

"Bruce is awesome, I've looked up to that guy ever since I was a little kid, everybody did. He's such a good actor, we ran the gamut, some of the stuff we did was full on action, and then I'm like, 'Holy goddamn shit, I'm doing an action scene with Bruce Willis!' But then a lot of the stuff we did was like really, really smart, great Rian Johnson dialogue that makes me think of 'Pulp Fiction.'"


[MTV Movies Blog]

Fantastic Voyage

With The Wolverine still stuck in limbo, Hugh Jackman is reportedly considering joining the remake of the 1966 movie in which scientists pilot a shrunken submarine inside the body of one of their colleagues. The project is being directed by Shawn Levy, with whom Jackman is currently working on Real Steel. [Deadline]


Men in Black 3

Here are some new set photos.

The Host

The adaptation of Stephanie Meyer's non-Twilight book is picking up some momentum, as Atonement and Hanna actress Saoirse Ronan is reportedly on board as main character Melanie Stryder, one of the final few humans still fighting the invading alien parasites known the Souls. Now/Gattaca director Andrew Niccol wrote the script, and it's possible he may end up directing it as well. [Deadline]


Oz the Great and Powerful

Rachel Weisz is reportedly in talks to play the evil witch Evanora. She would join James Franco as the future Wizard of Oz and Mila Kunis as Theadora, Evanora's good sister. [The Hollywood Reporter]


Breaking Dawn

Here are a dozen new images. []

G.I. Joe 2

Joseph Gordon-Levitt has confirmed that he will not return as Cobra Commander. [Collider]


Doctor Who

Neil Gaiman explains to Doctor Who Magazine the intended arc of Idris, the title character in "The Doctor's Wife":

If this episode works like it's meant to work, you will go from curiosity, thinking ‘who is this person?' – to amusement – ‘She's very funny, she's mad, oh my God, she's biting him, she's a bit weird! – to irritation – ‘Why is she so high and mighty?' – to heartbreak, genuine, absolute real heartbreak. And to joy.


[Doctor Who News Page]

Arthur Darvill says we've probably seen the last death from Rory:

"No, no, no… well, who knows! (laughs). It's really funny, actually. Last series it was so weird having to keep all that secret. It was such a relief to be able to talk about it eventually. I think I've done my quota of dying, but who knows…"


He also describes the Doctor and Rory's continually evolving relationship:

"It's kinda funny. The relationship between Rory and the Doctor is always changing. It's contradictory in some ways, because Rory wants to be there and he wants to be there for various different reasons, because the idea of going back home now just doesn't really exist as an idea for him at the moment. Yes, he wants to go on all the adventures but he also wants to be there to protect Amy. If the Doctor's going to keep on putting her in danger – and putting them both in danger – then Rory's going to be there to make sure the Doctor doesn't overstep the mark, as Rory feels he has done in the past. I think they are becoming closer, Rory and the Doctor. I think there's more of a trust built up between them. There are so many different aspects to their relationship that it can change at any time."


There's more at the link. [SFX]

"The Curse of the Black Spot" features a moment where the Doctor remarks to Hugh Bonneville's Captain Avery:

"You're big on the gun thing aren't you? Freud would say that you're compensating."


[The List]

True Blood

Kevin Alejandro describes an upcoming moment in season four where Jesus and Lafayette have to eat a breakfast of cow face, goat tongue, and poisonous snake venom:

"Lafayette and I go on a huge adventure where some unfortunate things happen. We end up having a very creepy breakfast with some really interesting people, and Lafayette has a real hard time with it...It's going to turn your stomach!"


Marshall Allman explains Tommy and Sam's latest shapeshifting includes turning into birds:

"At one point, I had to match the trajectory of a hawk flying up to a trainer on a crane by jumping high and spreading out my arms to fly off...Tommy takes shape-shifting to a whole other level with a unique wild-card creature that will prove to be a game-changer in Bon Temps' supernatural power play."


[TV Guide]

The Event

In this video, show creator Nick Wauters answers some fan questions.

Stargate Universe

Here's a sneak peek at the series finale, "Gauntlet."


Here's a promo for episode 15, "Wingman."

Additional reporting by Katharine Trendacosta and Charlie Jane Anders.


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I very much enjoyed the bit in the latest Who ep where he and Rory are sitting and talking about things and the Doctor makes a comment about being there when Rome fell and Rory says that he was too. The more Rory develops the more I love his character and I think it's interesting that the Doctor now has someone with him that can relate to his age - even more than he can with himself maybe - since Rory is several hundred years older than the Doctor. The dynamic that will play out between all of them will become increasingly interesting and probably the closest thing the Doctor has to a family these days.

SGU, you will be missed until you hopefully return with a conclusion to what is going to surely be an epic cliffhanger. It's bullshit but they will return, just better be sooner rather than later.