Tons of Men In Black 3 footage lets you decide if Brolin's Tommy Lee Jones impression is cute

In Men In Black III Will Smith travels back in time, for important alien reasons, and he meets up with the younger Tommy Lee Jones (played by Josh Brolin). How well does it work? See for yourself!


This new massive collection of MIB III clips, plus 14 mins of behind the scenes footage, is a shrine to how good Brolin is at playing TLJ — and it's kind of creepy, but also super cute.

Men in Black 3 will be out on May 25th.

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I recently watched MiB II on TV. In a hotel room. And you know, it's not the greatest movie ever made...but it was entertaining. Dumb and lightweight, but entertaining. This looks like it will be more of the same. Will I spend $11 bucks to see it? No. But if it airs on a hotel TV somewhere and I need to kill some time, I'll give it a watch.