Tons Of Clips From Next Monday's Heroes

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Today's spoilers include a crucial setting for Transformers 2, and Seth Rogen's explanation of Green Hornet's storyline. There's also a cryptic statement from Lost star Terry O'Quinn, and a ton of videos of next Monday's Heroes. And there are some big spoilers for Sarah Connor Chronicles, Clone Wars, Chuck, Torchwood and Knight Rider. Don't fight the future, spoil it! Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen: The Transformers sequel filmed in front of the pyramids in Egypt for several days. Did the Autobots have something to do with the building of the pyramids? [Transformers Live] Green Hornet: Even though Seth Rogen promised this superhero movie wouldn't be an origin story, he now says it'll be "somewhat of one." He realized that nobody knows anything about the Green Hornet, and the character pretty much has no fans. So people were confused by the movie's screenplay. Also, the movie-makers are just starting to hash out exactly how realistic or satirical the film will be. [MTV] Lost: Meanwhile, Locke actor Terry O'Quinn says you will be "suitably frustrated and amazed" by season five. And Locke fans, in particular, will be "stunned." [Doc Arzt] Torchwood: As you've seen from the stills, the alien-hunting Torchwood crew's headquarters, the Hub, gets blown up. And it turns out this is the work of a group called "Children of the Earth." Ianto and Gwen survive unscathed, but Jack gets carried out in a body bag. (Probably not for long.) The show will build a whole new "Hub" for season four, if any — but it remains to be seen how Torchwood keeps the police and paramedics from noticing all the alien artifacts and bodies amongst the wreckage. Plus, what happens to Jack's brother Gray, in cold storage? [BBC America] Heroes: A bunch of clips from Monday's episode have turned up online, plus some behind-the-scenes footage. It's looking like Claire's bio-mom and Maya are both toast. [The ODI]

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles: Now that the Terminator show has gotten a full-season order, it's seeking some actors for its 14th episode. We'll meet a warehouse office manager in his forties. And a couple of midwestern deputies, Deputy Harrison and Deputy Simmons, and the smart and calm Sheriff McKinney, who's a "big man on campus." We'll also a couple of doctors, the pretty Felicia and the rule-bound Indian D'Acosta, and a bored morgue attendant. And a hospital nurse in her forties. [SpoilerTV] Smallville: Here's a longer trailer for tonight's new episode, including more scenes of Davis aka Doomsday freaking out. [OSCK]

And here's what Sam Witwer has to say about Davis and Doomsday, and a likelihood of a "throw down" between Davis and Clark. [OSCK again]

Chuck: Here's a brief new promo for Monday's new episode:

Star Wars: Clone Wars: This Friday's new episode, "Rookies," focuses on the clones and shows more of their individuality. Four new clones, fresh off the assembly line, are trapped on the moon of Rishi with a brand new kind of Separatist droid. And here's a still. [Warner Bros.]

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Knight Rider: KITT may eventually drive on two wheels. And he may finally smash into some things instead of just driving around them all the time. And upcoming episodes will explain KITT creator Charles Graiman's connection to the original series. Also, the show is thinking about having a "mobile lab" like in the original series. [Knight Rider Online] Additional reporting by Katharine Duckett.

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