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When we made that recent list of Zoo’s 19 craziest moments, we suspected that the show—currently careening through its the third season—would up the ante and get even more insane. And last week, it did. Like, mega-giant invisible snake insane.

In a world that’s under the thumb of a mad-scientist terrorist obsessed with breeding vicious hybrid animals (and whose ultimate goal is the complete eradication of the human race), anything is possible. Including, yes, an enormous snake with camouflage so sophisticated it can make itself invisible. Since the Zoo team needs spinal fluid from each of the hybrids—a callback to season one’s “gotta catch ’em all” animal quest—they make the champion decision to follow the reptile into its lair. Intrepid Jamie Campbell spritzes a fire extinguisher around the room so that she can discern the snake’s hulking outline. It emerges from the mist...


Before disappearing again, sneaking up behind Jamie, and swallowing her whole. Bad snake!

Fortunately, Jamie went into the belly of the beast well-armed, and is able to carve her way out like it’s no big deal.


Meanwhile, the viewers at home have nothing to do but rewind the scene a few times to confirm that, yes, that shit happened, and hope that Zoo is only going to continue slithering up the crazy scale from here. It airs tonight on CBS.


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