Tomorrow's Diamonds Are Fake, Expensive And Car-Sized

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A fake diamond sold for $10.5 million yesterday at Christies in New York. Artist Jeff Koons says Diamond (Blue) is all about sex — both sexiness and the "spirituality" of reproduction. But really, the jacuzzi-sized rock is all about our love for industrial art.


Says Artnowonline:

The highly polished chromium surface of this steel object reflects light, but does not refract it in the same way as a real diamond.


In other words, it's better not just because it's giant, but because it's high-tech and not at all like the real thing. And it looks fucking cool as well as crude. Koons has also created giant red, pink and green diamonds. A massive yellow one is on its way too. Image by AP.

The Ultimate Jeff Koons: Diamond (Blue) [Artnow Online]

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