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A hotshot pilot with a ridiculous name accidentally ending up hundreds of years in the future...? Sounds like Buck Rogers, but it's actually the set-up to Disney's upcoming Tomorrowland movie, starring the Rock.


Collider spoke to screenwriters Jon Lucas and Scott Moore about the movie, which does for the Tomorrowland ride what Gore Verbinski and Johnny Depp's Pirates of The Caribbean: Curse Of The Black Pearl did for the House of Mouse's nautical thrill ride:

[It's] a sci-fi/action/comedy. Disney had a lot of success with Pirates of the Caribbean, so this is their Pirates movie in space... [The lead] character's name is Rip and he plays a present day test pilot who tests a plane and gets shot into the future and so he is sort of a fish out of water in the future. So he has to figure out how everything works and along the way the people of the future don't know who he is, so they think he is a bad guy bent on destroying the future. So Rip is sort of on the run.

We're... unconvinced, but hopeful; certainly, the Rock needs something better than Witch Mountain to keep us interested, but we're still trying to wash memories of the similar Haunted Mansion out of our minds...

Update on Disney's TOMORROWLAND Movie Starring Dwayne ‘The Rock' Johnson [Collider]


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