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Tomorrowland Trailer Is Unlike Anything We've Seen In A Long Time. Good.

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We've seen some neat visuals from the earlier Tomorrowland trailers, but this one...this one is just adorable. Between the crazy inventions and the action in our retrofuturistic city, it feels like Brad Bird is channeling 1980s-era Steven Spielberg. And just like that, we're excited.


George Clooney's character, a former boy genius inventor, has some truly fun toys. Hopefully, the virtual guard dog and the bathtub rocket are just a taste of what's in store for our characters. This trailer has what we've been waiting to see from Tomorrowland, a sense of charm that evokes movies of decades ago, but with that retrofuturistic twist. Here's hoping that the movie lives up to what we're seeing here.

Tomorrowland hits theaters May 22, 2015.

Update: There's also a Tomorrowland Twitter account @StopPlusUltra, which offers some clues to the nature of the strange city. A few weeks ago, the account posted this mysterious video:

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Why does George Clooney remind me of Jonas Venture