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We talked to Zoo executive producers Jeff Pinkner and Josh Appelbaum in the CBS pressroom at Comic-Con. And while they were coy about revealing any specifics, they did hint that episode three—which airs tomorrow—will offer insight into why OMG ANIMALS ARE ATTACKING.

Here’s what they told us:

At the end of the third episode, it’s really put into context. I won’t spoil it, but we’ve purposefully saved it. We want the audience to take the journey along with our characters. The context of what’s really out there, the mission statement for the show, comes at the end of the third episode. It launches you into the rest of the season. [So far], it’s been a prologue. The real show begins in episode three and four.


They also shared their thoughts on why Zoo is potentially the scariest show on TV right now.

While we all may be afraid of zombies or vampires, we want to believe that they’re not real. We all live with animals. The [four executive producers of the show] all have pets. We love pets. And the idea that when you go to bed, they’re plotting, is terrifying!

Also, in case you were curious, Zoo will expand its animal attack squad to include “bears, leopards, wolves, rats, bats, and rhinos.” Fun fact: the bears, apparently, were the most diva-ish, with a habit of bringing filming to a screeching halt whenever they deemed it naptime.

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