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This fall's episodes of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD have been pretty crazy with the twists and the reveals, but tomorrow night's episode — the last until the spring — blows the lid off everything. We saw it, and here are our spoiler-free impressions.


Agents of SHIELD put a lot of pieces into place leading up to tomorrow night's episode. Grant Ward has captured Skye and Raina, the evil Whitehall has ordered the SHIELD jet shot down, Coulson has decided to blow up the alien city under Puerto Rico. And I'm happy to report that the dominos fall pretty fast. There's not a lot of waiting for payoff.

And there are tons of answers, to most of the questions we've been wondering about since the show's first season. I'm dying to read Kevin Garcia's next Secrets of SHIELD article, after he sees this one, because there will be a lot of comics mythos to geek out about here.


But more than that, there are a few moments in the episode that will make your jaw drop, and become become instant GIF classics. (One moment in particular made me jump out of my chair and go "YES.")

Not that it's a perfect episode, by any means — I'll save the criticisms for my recap, but there are some things that I found disappointing, for sure, and certain things get resolved a little too easily and neatly for my taste. But you can't fault that the show is moving forward and answering questions — and creating brand new mysteries for us to obsess over for the winter.

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