Tommy Wiseau of The Room tantalizes us with cryptic clues about his extraterrestrial video game show

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Tommy Wiseau is known from canyon to fjord to inlet to cul-de-sac as the mastermind behind the cultural singularity known as The Room. And next Sunday, Tommy kicks off his new talk show-cum-video game review-cum-alien abduction web series, The Tommy Wi-Show.


That last time io9 caught up with Tommy was Comic-Con 2010, when he was promoting his hemoglobin-heavy horror flick The House That Drips Blood On Alex. Today we chatted with Tommy and Tommy Wi-Show co-conspirator Brock Laborde about this chimera of a web series.

Wiseau and Laborde were tight-lipped about what viewers can expect, but this project sounds anything but orthodox.

Tommy, in your own words, describe The Tommy Wi-Show.

Tommy Wiseau: It's something new. A lot of people can relate to it — a lot of people play games. And you'll see me playing games and having fun with it. I'm playing games for my life, that's what this show is about.

There's a very strong science fiction angle to the show. How would you characterize the aliens?

TW: They are very strange people. [Laughs] They are somewhere else. On another planet basically.


Are you playing yourself or a fictionalized version of yourself?

TW: I personally think they're somewhere else, in a different dimension. I am somewhere else but with my thoughts and ideas, and I'm enjoying it. I don't want to change any of those elements. It's a science fiction with a little bit of fantasy and realism. In America, we like to go to different places and we like science fiction movies. What if you played a game and suddenly you were somewhere else? We will really hope readers will enjoy this as much as us.

According to the description of The Tommy Wi-Show, this will be a talk show, correct?


Brock LaBorde: Essentially what we're hoping is that we'll eventually be able to do more of the talk show format. We definitely have plans for guest stars playing themselves or aliens. There are only going to be a few aliens to begin, but as the show goes on and on, there will be back story. We'll be pushing the envelope with what kind of games Tommy will play.

Starting September 25, The Tommy Wi-Show will run every Sunday on Machinima's YouTube channel. Sadly, Tommy did not want to discuss the possibility of editing aliens into The Room.




"Oh,hi *insert guest name*" must be an obligatory intro for every guest to enter the show.