Tommy Lee Jones Joining Captain America? Jamie Kennedy Joining Transformers 3? Plus Shatner Talks Star Trek 2!

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Casting rumors include Tommy Lee Jones joining Captain America, Jamie Kennedy joining Transformers 3, and William Shatner mulling over the next Star Trek. Plus Jonah Hex, G.I. Joe, Twilight, Sherlock Holmes, Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Lost, Supernatural and Fringe.


Captain America:

There's a rumor that Tommy Lee Jones is going to be joining the cast of this film, although nobody knows whom he'd be playing — presumably a tough military authority figure, though. The real question is whether he could do both this movie and Men In Black III. [UGO]


Star Trek 12:

William Shatner says he likes J.J. Abrams and they're Twitter friends. But he would "play very hard to get" if Abrams wanted him to be in the sequel. [On The Red Carpet]

Transformers 3:

You know what would make this threequel even more awesome? If you answered, "Jamie Kennedy," then you'll be thrilled to hear that he's apparently in talks to join the cast. At least, he told a radio interviewer he was talking to Michael Bay's people. [TFW2005]


Producer Lorenzo di Bonaventura responds to a question about whether this film will delve more into the core mythology of the Transformers:

I didn't think we veered away from the mythology in the second one. We stay pretty close to mythology in general, sometimes we add to it, as we did on the first and the second one. In second one, we're dealing with the matrix of leadership, a very clear mythological component. The Fallen is one of the original 13 Transformers. We were sticking fairly close to the mythology. We are going to continue to explore the past in the third one and that will continue to inform the present. I think it's pretty much the same thing we did on the first two: you try to get as close as you can to the lore and sometimes you run into pieces where there's not enough information to make a judgment, so you make you own call. That's a necessary component. By and large, the fans have accepted and embraced what we've been doing.



G.I. Joe:

di Bonaventura also talks about this sequel, saying that it'll keep the globe-trotting flavor of the first one. But he hints there may be a smaller cast, because it's hard to work in so many characters. And the weaponry and uniforms and gadgets will evolve considerably for the second movie. [MTV]


Sherlock Holmes 2:

The inevitable sequel will probably ditch London and go abroad, including Paris and Switzerland. The biggest question mark is whether Rachel McAdams will be back, since her character only appeared in one of Conan Doyle's stories. [MTV]


The Twilight Saga: Eclipse:

Someone claims to have seen this movie, albeit without any sound, and has posted a ton of spoilers online. (Grain of salt is indicated, and I'm not sure why they originally say "New Moon" and then change it to "Eclipse," or why the entry is dated May 2, 2006.) Among other things, there's a scene where Edward's hand grazes Bella's butt, and he's holding a beer at the same time and groping Bella's butt with the same hand that's holding the beer can. Also, Jacob shows up relatively late in the movie, and Edward reacts to this by getting jealous and possessive and making out with Bella a lot. When Edward proposes to Bella, the ring is so huge she can't bend her finger while wearing it. [Twilight Blog]


And here are some new pics. [CinemaBlend]

Jonah Hex:

Josh Brolin says there's a love between Jonah and Megan Fox's character, but it's "a weird love." He adds: "A prostitute-type love." Fox adds that Jonah doesn't want to let her get too close, because everyone he gets close to dies. [Toronto Sun]


The Walking Dead:

Prison Break's Sarah Wayne Callies will appear as Lori Grimes, the slowly unraveling wife of main character Rick Grimes. [EW]


Doctor Who:

Fans over on the GallifreyBase forums are bandying about rumors/spoilers/speculation. Apparently Rory, Amy's boyfriend, dies at the end of episode nine, the Silurian story, and somehow Amy "forgets" that Rory existed — like maybe, Rory is swallowed by The Crack. (Amy appears not to remember him in the Vincent Van Gogh story.) But they still have to get married in episode 13, because time goes boom on their wedding day and their wedding is crucial. So there's some sort of paradox.


Oh and there's a set pic (which we missed somehow) which shows Young Amelia Pond reappearing in the season finale, and she goes to visit the "Anomaly Exhibition" at the National Museum. And rumor has it all sorts of baddies will turn up, including the Weeping Angels. Also in the finale: Chrissie Cotterill's character from the Van Gogh episode. (Speculation has it, the Pandoricum is a space where everything that's been swallowed by The Crack goes, and when it's opened, everything spills out.) Photo by ScootyBoy. [Gallifrey Base]

Illustration for article titled Tommy Lee Jones Joining Captain America? Jamie Kennedy Joining Transformers 3? Plus Shatner Talks Star Trek 2!


Here's your first sneak peek from Thursday's penultimate episode of the season. Looks like Bobby did indeed succumb to the awesome persuasive power of Mark Sheppard. And look who's back!


Leonard Nimoy reiterates that Walter and William Bell are going to work out a lot of their issues in the finale, and they sort of cross-examine each other. In one bit they're talking about their feelings and Olivia tells them to "Work it out some other time," because there are more pressing issues. Also, we'll learn what happened to the alternate-William Bell, who's from the universe where "our" William Bell is living now. It sounds like something happened to the alternate Bell. [Sci Fi Wire]



Here's what happens in episode 3x17, "Chuck Vs. The Living Dead":

CHUCK TRIES TO KEEP HIS SPY LIFE SECRET FROM HIS FATHER – SCOTT BAKULA ("QUANTUM LEAP") GUEST STARS – After his last dream, Chuck (Zachary Levi) asks Morgan (Joshua Gomez) to help him on a side mission. Their investigation becomes complicated when Stephen J. Bartowski (guest star Scott Bakula) returns and learns that Chuck downloaded the Intersect 2.0. Luckily, Chuck's father may be able to help his son.


[Chuck News]

True Blood:

Here's another promo poster. [SpoilerTV]


Here's another promo for tomorrow night's episode. OMG are they terrorists?! [The V Files]

Stargate Universe:

Here's what happens in the May 14 episode, "Pain":

When the crew suffers from vivid hallucinations that tap into their personal fears, Tamara Johansen isolates the affected from the rest and then tries to seek out the cause of the affliction as it spreads and becomes life-threatening.


[TV Guide]


Here are some pics from episode 21, "Countdown."


Here are a few not terribly revealing set pics from the recently concluded finale filming. Note that Ben is still around. [Lyly Ford]


Here's a Canadian promo for tomorrow night's episode! [Lyly Ford]

ABC has a page where you can read quotes from all the main characters, and on the Locke page there's this quote, which people surmise is from tomorrow' night's episode: "Your friends are desperate to go home, Jack. And that can't happen if you don't go with them. It's all or nothing. Simple as that. I believe you said it best yourself — Live together, die alone." [SpoilersLost]


Additional reporting by Kelly Faircloth.

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Matt Smith's Doctor will be appearing in the Sarah Jane Adventures as will Katy Manning who played Jo Grant. []

Matt Smith being on the show doesn't seem like much of a surprise. However, Manning's appearance is surprising since this will be the first time they've acknowledged that Sarah Jane isn't the only former companion who is still around in modern times. I don't want the show to be a parade of former Who actors but it is nice to see that the writers haven't forgotten that these characters still allegedly exist. William Russel who was Ian Chesterton in the very first episodes is still alive and it would be a shame if they didn't try to get him on the show one last time.