Tom Selleck sets the record straight about him and Indiana Jones

We all know the story of how Tom Selleck turned down the role of Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark to do Magnum P.I. instead. Except that it's not true. As Selleck revealed on The Late Show last night, CBS prevented him from starring in the movie — which resulted in him working as a handyman in Hawaii.


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I have been binge-watching Magnum P.I. and think it would be awesome to reboot it.
Robin's Nest is still there. Like the house in Hawaii is still there.
Do a new show as if the other one never happened. Higgins is female (still former MI6 and all that, still has dobermans, still love/hates Magnum).
Robin Masters is a BILLIONAIRE - a novelist in the 80's who spent his millions on stock in software and hardware and now just acts the aging playboy around the world. Doesn't write. Comes by the nest once a year, maybe.

More HBO than prime time, tho - swearing, some nudity, more realism on the violence. Still a comedy, tho, with serious moments.
The dogs would be named Isis and Athena, and instead of Agatha Chumley, we'd have Tarquin Chumley.
The rest writes itself.
It would be episode to episode, but also have a long-arc story in behind it. The original series didn't flesh that out enough.. the backstories and Navy shenenigans.
Magnum, TC, and Rick would all be from Afghanistan or Iraq wars, Higgins from Nam and various other british excursions like Falklands and such. Amelia Imrie would be perfect as Higgins.
Get unknown actors for the other main roles.