With all this talk around the interwebz about Matt Damon fucking Sarah Silverman, and Sarah Silverman's boyfriend fucking some other dude, we were reminded of the first time somebody got to fuck Sarah Silverman on TV. Of course, it was Tom Paris from Star Trek: Voyager. What? You don't remember the freaking two-part episode where Voyager time-and-space travels to twentieth century Earth and Silverman plays an astronomer named Rain who teaches Paris to call Tuvok a "freakosaurus"? And then the two of them suck face? Well, then, allow us to refresh your memories.

Rewind for a minute, and here's the moment when Silverman and Paris first start getting all googly-eyed about each other. And she manages to insult the crew ad-libbingly while also having to mouth some writer's hideously-written lines. Poor early-career Sarah Silverman. We still wish she would fuck us. I mean, if she would do Paris then surely . . . surely Sarah Silverman would fuck io9.