Tom Holland’s Visit Made Disney Theme Parks Fun, Even for People Who Weren’t Going to Galaxy’s Edge

Spider-Man in his stealth suit.
Spider-Man in his stealth suit.
Image: Marvel Studios

Disney’s crowning attraction right now is Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, the sprawling Star Wars theme park experience. But for some fans, even the non-Star Wars parks had some novel excitement thanks to unendingly delightful Spider-Man actor Tom Holland.

In a lovely video posted on the Spider-Man: Far From Home Twitter, Tom Holland shows up at another place pretty far from Spidey’s home, surprising fans and onlookers in the Disney California Adventure park while Jake Gyllenhaal and other co-stars told him what to do via an earpiece.


The best part is when a crowd gathers around a dude wearing a pretty authentic-looking Spider-Man costume only to discover that it’s Tom Holland. Also, dude can do a killer pirouette?

Spider-Man: Far From Home hits theaters July 2nd.

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I love it when stars do stuff like this. I think I’ve shared this story in this space before, but after my screening of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, the lights came up right at the start of the credits, and John Boyega came out to high five some fans and say a few words to the crowd (he apparently did this all over NYC that night). It was really exciting, and he came off as super earnest and cool and appreciative of the love everyone showed him. It was awesome.