Tom Hiddleston stars in "Why Are All Bad Guys British?" Super Bowl spot

Jaguar has assembled the very big bads to answer that age-old question: why are all Hollywood villains British? Perhaps the villainous trio of Ben Kingsley, Mark Strong and Tom Hiddleston can answer for us.


The spot is (presumably) just one of many that will unroll on Super Bowl Sunday. It's actually quite clever of Jaguar and we like to see that they've just allowed to let their cars embrace the devilishness within. Also, British people saying "Jag-u-ar" is just the best.

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T. L. Evans

Actually, I feel it is the combination of implied education and intelligence combined with an innate elitism tied to the accent. After all, its not normally a working class accent is it? None of these guys are speaking with a cockney. Liverpool, West Country or Manchester accent are they? It's all Oxbridge in'it?