Tom Hardy Stokes More Venom Director Rumors

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

James Wan could turn to another horror project before returning to Aquaman’s Atlantis. Madeline Miller’s fantastical novel about Circe is headed to HBO Max. Jared Padalecki says the Winchesters will find some semblance of peace as Supernatural comes to an end. Plus, what’s to come on Krypton. To me, my spoilers!

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Venom 2

Notable in light of recent rumors he’ll direct the sequel to Venom, Tom Hardy shared this photo of Andy Serkis with only a spade and fire emoji for context in a since-deleted Instagram post captured by Screen Rant.

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Untitled James Wan Horror Film

Though no further details are available, THR has word James Wan will direct a new horror film this fall before moving onto Aquaman 2 in 2020.

Untitled Ghost House Supernatural Thriller

Likewise, Deadline reports Adam Robitel (Escape Room) is attached to direct an “untitled supernatural thriller” for Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert’s Ghost House productions.



HBO Max is developing a new series said to chronicle the adventures of the mythological sorcerer, Circe, “from an awkward nymph to a formidable witch, able to challenge gods, titans and monsters alike.” Based on the novel from Madeline Miller, the network has given Circe a straight-to-series order with Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver on board to write and executive produce. [THR]



Elijah Wood’s SpectreVision, the production company behind Mandy, Cooties and the upcoming Daniel Isn’t Real has signed a first-look deal with Legendary Television Studios to “develop scripted series content with a focus on distinctive genre concepts from dynamic storytellers.” [Deadline]


Black Summer

Good news—the Z Nation prequel series, Black Summer, has been renewed for a second season at Netflix. [Production Weekly]



In conversation with TV Line, Jared Padalecki promised Sam and Dean will “find some version of peace” in the series finale of Supernatual.

I think that was my way of saying I want them to achieve peace. I feel like Sam and Dean find some version of peace. Whether or not that’s alive or dead, or if Amara possesses me or whatever the situation is, I feel like they find more peace than when the season starts.


However, Jensen Ackles also revealed he originally found the ending “hard to digest” before ultimately deciding, “this is a really good ending.”

When we were in the room and the idea came down the pipe, everybody was kind of signed off on it. My reaction was more like, ‘OK, OK.’ I struggled with it for about a week or so, and then I realized I’m too invested, I’m too emotional. I’m too close to this character. To see anything with finality on it, it’s just hard to digest. I talked to a few people about it and got some clarity on it and have tried to look at it from a different perspective. I, now, have come around to being like, ‘This is a really good ending. This is satisfying.’



Tulip goes to therapy in the synopsis for “Deviant, the August 11 episode of Preacher.

In her headfirst attempt to rescue Cassidy, Tulip may have bitten off more than she can chew, and she must reckon with the most terrifying thing she can imagine: psychiatric care. As his hopes of escape fade, Cassidy reflects on decisions he made one hundred years ago. Meanwhile, the Saint of Killers is closing in on Jesse.


[Spoiler TV]

The 100

A desperate Clarke holds herself hostage in TV Guide’s images from the season finale of The 100. More at the link.

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Finally, the rebels discuss Doomsday in a clip from “Blood Moon, next week’s episode of Krypton.

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A desperate Clarke holds herself hostage

Presumably they had found an archive copy of Blazing Saddles, and learned the best way to negotiate with morons.