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Tom Hardy Developing Vertigo's Pulp Noir Comic 100 Bullets for Big Screen

Illustration for article titled Tom Hardy Developing Vertigos Pulp Noir Comic i100 Bullets/i for Big Screen

After years bouncing around from big name to big name, the amazing comic series 100 Bullets may have found its champion. Tom Hardy, Bane and Mad Max himself, has signed on to produce and potentially star in a big-screen adaptation of the Vertigo comic.


The comic series, by Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso, stars a mysterious man named Agent Grave, who finds people who may want revenge on someone. He offers them a gun, a dossier of information, and 100 untraceable bullets to settle the score, if they so please. In the comics, it is eventually revealed all of the crimes these people are involved in are tied to a larger story.

100 Bullets has been all over Hollywood since the series ended in 2009. Rumors of an HBO show ended up being wrong; David Goyer (The Dark Knight) was developing the series for Showtime, and now New Line Cinema, which is handling DC’s Vertigo titles for Warner Bros., has the property.


At this point, Hardy certainly has the pull to get a movie like this made. It also makes sense that studios are starting to line up some hard R-rated comic book adaptations. If Deadpool is the hit many think it could be, a film like 100 Bullets gets that much easier for a studio to stomach. It’s a story with a complex moral compass, action, mystery and a larger mythology.

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I just read 100 Bullets this past spring and loved it, it’s a great read.

It is far better suited for a miniseries or a Netflix show, though.

Heck, I’d like to see it done anthology style, where we could explore some of the characters lives and the way they deal with the power in the briefcase (or don’t) as Graves just moves mysteriously through the background, leaving his side until a double-length episode or something of that sort.

If we assume Hardy wants to adapt any single story from the comics, who do you see him choosing to portray?