Tom Hardy cast in Chris Nolan's Batman 3?

Inception's breakout star, Tom Hardy, has been cast in Christopher Nolan's latest Batman picture. No real surprise there, given that Nolan delights in recasting past actors he's worked with, but still — who do you think he'll play?

Deadline is reporting that Hardy is up for the lead role in the next Batman film, and that Nolan was the one to suggest him. Sources won't reveal if this part is a a good guy or a villain, but we kind of think Hardy is too exciting of an actor to play anything other than a Batman villain.


But which villain do you think he should play? Clearly if they put the Riddler in this film, Hardy's Inception co-star Joseph Gordon-Levitt should play that role. But we're not sure who Hardy could play. Personally, I'd like to see him as Clayface, but Hardy might also be able to pull off the Killer Croc character everyone's been buzzing about.

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