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The craze for turning toys into movies may have reached some strange new peak, with the news that Universal plans to turn Major Matt Mason into a movie starring Tom Hanks.


Mason, a Mattel toyline that ran from 1966 through to the early '70s, was based around an astronaut and his crew on a moonbase, although later releases introduced aliens into the previously-scientifically-sound line (The original figures were based on information found in magazines like Air Force and Life). Apparently Hanks was a fan; according to Variety, he brought his own Matt Mason doll to an early meeting about the project.

The movie will be produced by Hanks' production company Playtone, with Speed screenwriter Graham Yost writing. No word yet on whether to expect a Barbie cameo after the credits.


Tom Hanks circles 'Major' toy story [Variety]

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