Tom Hanks is building his own totalitarian dystopia in Electric City

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Tom Hanks is building, starring, writing, and lending his voice to a new animated scifi series for Yahoo titled Electric City, which is the first ever scripted series for Yahoo. Here's a plot synopsis, via Yahoo Vice-President Erin McPherson:

On the surface, the Electric City is utopia and under the surface, Electric City is secrets and heavy-handed state control. What we found really compelling is that this is perfect for a highly digital audience, a lean-forward audience who likes to utilize the medium of the Internet.


The first ever look at Electric City should be out sometime this week, and this series is just the first of many futuristic franchise projects Yahoo has been spinning around. Will it approach the sheer entertainment value of Mazes and Monsters? One can only hope.

[Via THR]

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So do they rock on to Electric Avenue?