Tom Hanks Didn't Actually Want to Play David S. Pumpkins at First

Tom Hanks is (hopefully) returning to Saturday Night Live as David S. Pumpkins, the Halloween elevator haunt who shimmied his way into our hearts. But if former SNL star and sketch co-writer Bobby Moynihan is to be believed, Hanks originally wanted nothing to do with the character.


During an appearance on Late Night With Seth Meyers, Moynihan shared some details about how the David S. Pumpkins sketch came to life, including how they were trying to make the “Santa Claus of Halloween.” However, during rehearsals, Hanks apparently tried to pass on the sketch, saying that he didn’t really understand it.

“Tom Hanks, in between dress and air—not a fan of the sketch,” Moynihan said. “He thought it was very bizarre and was like, ‘Hey, I think Chris Hemsworth [who hosted a week later] would make a great David Pumpkins.’”


Apparently he’s very happy with the character now, and why wouldn’t he be? The sketch became one of the most popular moments of last season, garnering over eight million views on YouTube alone, and people have been cosplaying as the character at comic cons. Hanks later cameoed as David S. Pumpkins in May’s “Rap Song” sketch, and he recently shared what looks to be a page from an upcoming sketch dedicated to the Pumpkin King. Bony fingers crossed! You can check out the whole Moynihan interview below.

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I guess I am too old to get it. To me the David S. Pumpkins sketch represents the worst of SNL. For the most part just a lazy and repetitive bit. There isn’t much engagement there beyond the brain stem level.

I keep being told this is a popular character but my brain can’t accept it. Very similar to the feeling I have about Trump as president.

Both things swirl together in the sick spinning vertigo of rapid devolution, that we are quickly regressing into an idiot species chasing after shiny objects and people who shout loud, angry things.