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Tom Cruise is cursed to repeat his life in Edge of Tomorrow, but he isn't stuck on Groundhog Day. He's stuck in a weapons-laden powersuit, in the middle of an alien invasion, where he dies... and then he wakes up to do it all over again. The first trailer reveals that if nothing else, the action scenes will be spectacular.

I have high hopes, though: Doug Liman is a pretty excellent director, who almost certainly isn't just going to phone in a standard scifi action flick, and all the exoskeleton stuff looks great. I only have two problems: 1) the music in the trailer (maybe you guys can save that for the credits or something?) and the fact that the movie is no longer called All You Need Is Kill, since it was based on the Japanese scifi novel of the same name. Of course, I think most movies could be improved if they were retitled All You Need Is Kill.


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