Tom Cruise's Edge of Tomorrow feels like the Starship Troopers we want

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Tom Cruise and Emily Blunt are starring in a big-screen adaptation of the Japanese novel All You Need is Kill, now called Edge of Tomorrow. And the first footage, which just showed at Comic-Con, is dark, moody, and full of exo-suit mayhem. Spoilers ahead...


The war-movie footage includes some shots of helicopters and soldiers in big helmets being dropped from drop-ships, and people in exo-suits running towards alien attackers. And meanwhile, Tom Cruise is strapped to a gurney, while a voiceover tries to explain that what he is about to tell us may sound crazy, but we have to listen because our lives depend on it. This isn't the first time he's had this conversation, because Cruise is repeating the same day over and over. And Cruise warns that we're not equipped for what's out there — we are going to lose, and all of these soldiers are going to die.

We see Cruise as a green conscript, in an officer's uniform, being sent into battle, while a sergeant tells him it's "judgment day."


Then Emily Blunt, who knows what's happening to Cruise, tells him "come find me when you wake up" — just before the two of them are killed in a humongous explosion. And then Cruise wakes up, earlier the same day, and goes to find Blunt, who says "What happened to you happened to me. You hijacked their power." She's lost the ability to repeat a day over and over, and she needs his help with "winning the war."

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There are some great shots of Emily Blunt driving a car over what looks like a killer robot. And Cruise running around in his massive exo-suit shooting huge guns mounted on each arm. There is a very Starship Troopers-vibe to a lot of this action footage — but it's a grittier, darker version than the Verhoeven movie.

Cruise is running around and shooting everything and climbing a heap of debris.

At one point, Cruise says to Blunt, "I'm not a soldier."

"Of course you're not," she replies. "You're a weapon."

This film has a "Colonial Marines vibe." How do we know? Because co-star Bill Paxton, who came up out of the audience to join the panel, told us so. (Paxton spent a lot of time joking around with Tom Cruise and taking turns reciting lines from Aliens, plus some Chet dialogue.)


Paxton was full of praise for this movie's gritty war focus, and Cruise's super-committed approach to the material, and basically said with such a "colonial marines" style movie he absolutely had to be the sergeant.

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In the film, Tom Cruise plays a guy who works as a publicist for the U.S. military, recruiting people for the worldwide fight against the alien invaders. And then he makes a political mistake and gets sent to the front lines to become a soldier, on the worst possible day. Paxton's character is a tough sergeant, who believes that dying heroically on the battlefield is just as good as achieving victory, and he's been told that Cruise is a deserter who has been impersonating an officer.

And when the film begins, Cruise is playing a total coward who is completely out of his depth and freaked out, in a hilarious way. Paxton praised Cruise's comic chops in this film. "Him getting into the suit is like Woody Allen."


And, as director Doug Liman explained to us, Cruise "develops a very special power: repeat the day." It just happens to be an incredibly crucial day in the war between the humans and the aliens.

Cruise said the suits he and Blunt wear in the film are 100 percent practical, with no CG. Blunt's suit weighed 85 pounds, and Cruise's suit weighed way more than that at times. This "gives it a whole different tone and feel in the movie." And Blunt was believably mean and tough, once she was wearing a huge cumbersome suit — her character is called the Full Metal Bitch by the other soldiers.


Added Cruise, "The alien invasion film has now become a trope where people understand the language of this kind of genre, and now we can get into this kind of fun character journey."

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Rob Bricken

So bummed this was renamed to the utterly generic Edge of Tomorrow. All You Need Is Kill sounded weird, but that's why it was so unique and memorable.