Tom Cruise Has An Idea For An Edge of Tomorrow Sequel

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Edge of Tomorrow is one of those movies we haven’t stopped thinking about since we saw it. It seems the same is true for Tom Cruise. In a new interview, the film’s star admitted he has an idea for a sequel, which he recently pitched to the film’s writer and director.


Speaking to MTV, Cruise said the following:

I pitched it to [screenwriter Christopher] McQuarrie and [director] Doug [Liman]. We were there one night and I was like, “I’ve got an idea for it.”

Of course, Cruise wouldn’t say what that idea was, but he did say he’s talked to co-star Emily Blunt about it too:

It could be so much fun. Gotta get Emily. I was like “Emily, please.” She was like, “Give me another year, please.”

So it sounds like Blunt and Cruise are interested. McQuarrie (who also directed Cruise in Jack Reacher and Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation) and Liman are aware. And there’s no doubt the fans are interested. While the film didn’t do the gangbusters box office Warner Bros. hoped for, it’s almost universally loved and more people are being turned onto the film every single day.

The most interesting question though isn’t whether this film will happen or should happen. It’s what could happen? When Cruise and Blunt saved the world in the first film, the story had a pretty nice little bow on it. There was no need to see what’s next. But those creatures are not used to losing and maybe they could come back to Earth decades later. As long as the story finds a way to use the time travel device in a way that still makes sense and has the same sense of fun as the first film, I’m down for whatever.


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Ah! I just rewatched it yesterday. And I was thinking yesterday that while I don’t see how you could make a sequel, it is the rare movie I would like a prequel for. I wanna see the story of Rita Vratasky in full - what kind of person was she before she got the power? How did she get the power? How did she deal with the psychiatric hospitals and dissections she mentionned? How did she meet the doctor who believed her? How did she convince him she was telling the truth? Who is the guy she saw die 100 times? What happened at Verdun? How did she realize she didn’t have the power anymore, and what was her reaction? There is much backstory hinted at in the movie, I wanna see that movie.

Am I the only one?