Tom and Jerry Will Kill Us All

Screenshot: Warner Bros.

No, not the upcoming movie. I mean Tom the mouse and Jerry the Cat, who will clearly unleash destruction and possibly death throughout the world if their animated forms ever break through to our material plane of existence.


The Tom & Jerry movie is no longer a movie, but a PSA warning us of the terror, violence, and savagery that Tom, Jerry, and whatever that bulldog’s name is (maybe it’s Spike?) could wreak on our reality.

Warning: This clip from the film is not for the faint-hearted:

Jerry’s ability to create mischief rivals Loki. Tom’s bloodlust cannot be slaked. And the bulldog’s need to commit violence is a juggernaut that destroys anyone and anything in its path. They are three of the four Tex Avery cartoons of the Apocalypse; Nibbles will follow his compatriots wherever their rampage takes them, for his True Name is Death.

Please watch the feature-length PSA Tom & Jerry when it premieres in theaters and on HBO Max on February 26 like your life and your loved ones’ lives all depended on it. They very well might.

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Didn’t they try this already and it was also terrible?

 (With a score by HENRY MANCINI?!)