Todd McFarlane Finally Gets His Chance to Make Another Spawn Movie

Image: Image Comics
Image: Image Comics

It might be a match made in hell. Todd McFarlane, creator of Image Comics’ flagship character Spawn, has announced he’s partnering with Jason Blum and Blumhouse Productions—the company that produced Jordan Peele’s critically acclaimed horror-suspense movie Get Out—to bring the character back to the big screen. According to Deadline, McFarlane will write the first draft of the screenplay and will also direct.

During a Facebook Live with Kevin Smith, McFarlane revealed that his often-teased Spawn movie has been picked up by Blumhouse, the production company behind other horror hits like Paranormal Activity. “No more theoretical, we’re now making movies,” McFarlane said. “We’re going!”


The first Spawn flick was released 20 years ago, and failed to have a major budget or be particularly good. McFarlane has been wanting to make a new Spawn movie basically since then, and while this doesn’t mean we’ll definitely see Al Simmons return to theaters... it does raise its chances considerably.

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I know the perfect director for Spawn...

Zach Snyder.

Wait, before you pitch a fit, think about it. What does Zach Snyder likes to do? Movies about manly men who have manly pain and get through it by shooting manly guns (or swinging manly swords,) in slow-motion with a lot of CGI. Now, what part of that doesn’t describe Spawn? Spawn has the powers of Superman and the coolness of Batman, but without that pesky “moral code.”

Spawn is the only 90's EXTREME Image characters that is worth a damn, mostly because he is visually cool. Also because McFarlane is a half decent writer, unlike Liefeld.