Today's is the last total solar eclipse until 2015 — here's how to watch

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Do you live in northern Australia? Lucky you — you're one of the few people on Earth who will be able to watch today's solar eclipse in person. For everyone else, your best bet is to watch it unfold online. The total solar eclipse (the last to occur before March 2015) is set to begin today at 15:35 ET (20:35 GMT). Hit the jump for some live video feed.


The first feed comes courtesy of the Astronomical Association of Queensland, which will be broadcasting live eclipse coverage from over Cairns, Australia and the Great Barrier Reef. The webcast is set to kick off around 13:00 ET (10:00 PT/ 18:00 GMT / 5:00 local Australia time), so be sure to check in before 15:35 ET, when the eclipse begins:

Streaming video by Ustream

Those looking for a more interactive experience should check out this feed, hosted by the folks at SLOOH Space Camera. They'll be broadcasting live from Cairns, Australia starting around 11:30 AM PST / 2:30 PM EST / 19:30 UTC. You'll also be able to pitch questions to astronomical experts and capture pictures of the eclipse live from the SLOOH homepage using Pinterest.


And if you're fortunate enough to find yourself in northern Australia this afternoon (or rather morning, by you), congrats. Remember to take precautions when observing the eclipse. Check out the tail end of this post for tips on how to watch it safely.

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