Ever dreamed of collaborating on a story with Neil Gaiman? Today, you'll get your chance as Gaiman launches an experiment to create an original story using the collaborative power of Twitter.

Today at noon EST (that's 9am Pacific time), Gaiman will begin an exquisite corpse story on the BBC Audiobooks America Twitter account with a single tweet. Other Twitter users can then contribute to the story with their own tweets (all tweets must include @BBCAA and #bbcawdio, cutting into those precious 140 characters). Once the tale reaches 1000 tweets, the BBC editors will edit it into a (hopefully) coherent story. An audio version of the story will be made available in the iTunes store for free.


Collaborative storytelling via Twitter may sound like a recipe for a narrative mess, but it has been done with some success. Just last month, the Royal Opera House premiered Twitterämmerung, a 20-minute opera whose libretto was composed by 900 Twitter users.

Neil Gaiman and the BBC Will Let You Twitter a Story For Them [EW]

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