To the Surprise of No One, Handmaid's Tale Will Return for a Fourth Season

June’s work is far from done, it seems.
June’s work is far from done, it seems.
Photo: Hulu

You don’t just scoop up metric buttloads of Emmy nominations and call it a day, after all. Not when there’s a sequel in the works!

During Hulu’s presentation for the Television Critics Association today, the streaming service confirmed that we’re going back to Gilead for a fourth season of June’s trials and tribulations. There are three episodes of the currently-airing third season left to go, which presumably means even wilder odds for her to survive are on the way.


Even as the series finds itself in a bit of a familiar rut in its third season, it’s not surprising that Hulu is not yet ready to call time on Handmaid’s yet. As Variety notes, Hulu alleges that the series is the most-watched show—including both original programming and other shows on the platform—it has on offer right now. With new material from Margaret Atwood on the way in the form of a sequel to her 1985 dystopian classic, set to release this September, the only real surprise would be Hulu calling time on June right now.

We’ll bring you more on Hulu’s plans for Handmaid’s Tale as we learn them.

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The show is so meh now. No consequences for actions. Every character seems to forget about what happened last week. The plot doesn’t progress. Nothing matters. It’s apparent they don’t want the show to end, but they don’t know what to do with it.