Another as-yet-unpublished novel sparked a Hollywood bidding war, as Sony won an auction for the movie rights to Tomorrow and Tomorrow by Thomas Sweterlitsch, set 10 years after a deadly attack on Pittsburgh in a digital reconstruction of the city that hides a deadly secret. The book comes out a year from now.

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To me, this is more evidence that there really is no predictable path to success anymore (particularly when one considers the myriad definitions of "success"). After trying to pimp out my published work since December, I can attest that a lot of it really is right place/right time. That said, Mr Sweterlitsch must be a very well networked individual, and quite a salesman. Hats off to him.

Although he may have some interesting issues crop up between the movie adaptation of his work and his own final product... Hollywood already does odd things to established IPs when executive producers get their cheetoh-laced fingerprints on it.