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TNT's Live-Action Teen Titans Show Is Dead

Illustration for article titled TNTs Live-Action iTeen Titans/i Show Is Dead

When TNT started filming a pilot for its long-in-the-works adaptation of the DC superhero team, the Teen Titans, we wondered if it was going to be one DC live-action show too many. Turns out we need not have worried: Titans is officially dead.


Although we’ve heard nothing about the show outside of a rumored roster for the Teen Titans since it was announced over a year ago, many assumed that Titans was just trundling along. But in an interview at the Television Critics Association’s Winter press tour, network president Kevin Reilly confirmed to TV Line that the show was not going to be moving forward:

It is not [still in development]. We just decided it wasn’t quite where we wanted to go.


While its sad that fans of the Titans won’t get to see their favorite heroes on the small screen, maybe this is for the best. Clearly there wasn’t much of a priority given to Titans if it’s managed to sit on the sidelines this long, while we’ve seen the likes of Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash, and soon to be Legends of Tomorrow flourish on other networks. And maybe, if we start seeing more and more series spread across TV networks like this, where they are very unlikely to be able to cross over, we’d lose part of what makes the current crop of DC’s TV shows so enjoyable and special right now.

But alas, now we just get to ponder what might have been.

[TV Line]

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I just realized I’m not even sure what TNT shows other than basketball.

And I think I confuse it with USA like 76% of the time. Granted I’m a Canadian so the network shows just go to different places but I feel like I know the least amount about TNT.