Titans' Boy of Steel Lives Up to His Name in New Clip

Superboy, looking pretty calm while taking gunfire to the chest.
Superboy, looking pretty calm while taking gunfire to the chest.
Image: DC Universe

In Titans’ second season, the series is set to further explore the lives of the DC Universe’s Trinity by way of their younger counterparts, who all made names for themselves by aping their elders’ aesthetics and using their connections to the older heroes to strike fear into the hearts of villains.


While we’ve seen a fair amount of Dick Gray and Donna Troy in action, Conner Kent, the clone who goes on to become Superboy, has been conspicuously missing from the series so far, but it looks like that’s all about to change. In a new clip, Conner, like his clone Clark, seems to have made a home for himself out in the American countryside, where he and his canine pal Krypto are trying to lay low and avoid being detected by the Cadmus operatives responsible for creating them both.

It’s only a matter of time before the armed operatives find the boy and his dog and appear all but ready to take them in with lethal force. But again, this is Superboy we’re talking about here, meaning that the bullets the baddies are packing aren’t really anything for him (or Krypto, presumably) to worry about. In fact, it’s the soldiers who should be concerned for their own safety.

Titans is now streaming on DC Universe.

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Angrier Geek

In a new clip, Conner, like his cousin Clark

No, that’s Supergirl. Conner is a clone, so closer to “brother” or even “son” as he’s half Superman and—-sigh, I’ll never stop being annoyed that Geoff Johns got to make his fanfic actual canon—-half Lex Luthor.

But that scene was pretty awesome. But again, another reason Deathstroke is a joke as a threat if he’s around.