Titan Maximum Will Prove That Children Shouldn't Play With Giant Robots

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Not content with Robot Chicken slaughtering any sacred nerd cows that it can imagine and then some, Seth Green, Tom Root and Matthew Senreich are planning a long-form assault on the cartoons of your youth.


Cartoon Network has ordered nine episodes of Titan Maximum, a new series from the Robot Chicken creators as part of the network's Adult Swim programming. The show - a continuing story, as opposed to Chicken's sketches - follows former members of a Voltron-esque team whose vehicles formed the eponymous Titan as they try to reunite to save the universe from one of their own, voiced by Green himself. Producer Root explains the appeal of the show:

There were always teams of extraordinary young people with the fate of the universe in their hands... In reality, that would end terribly. The last thing you want when giant monsters attack is a bunch of teenagers in charge of defending you. 'Titan Maximum' is about what would really happen if a team of idiot kids was in charge of a 6-story-tall robot.


Even if the premise doesn't appeal to your inner cynical six-year-old, the writing staff might; amongst their number is Green Lantern's Geoff Johns and Amazing Spider-Man's Zeb Wells. The series launches in September; the Voltron revival has been postponed indefinitely as a result.

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crashedpc /sarcasm

Eheheh. I wonder how much of it will be a more "realistic" and how much of it will parody mecha anime?