Tips on Defending Earth Against Alien Invaders

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You don't have to wonder anymore about what you'll do when the aliens attack. Nor do you have to make plans all by yourself to infuse your body with microbots that will give you superstrength to smash zombies. Robotics expert Daniel Wilson, author of Where's My Jetpack?, has just published a handy guide to the apocalypse called How to Build a Robot Army. This beautifully (and humorously) illustrated guide walks you through real state-of-the-art science to explain how "to keep a sexy FemBot ready for battle" and "how to slay Godzilla" (yes, you can repurpose that chapter to work with the Cloverfield monster).

Wilson is a master of making mechanical science and engineering fun — and he's clearly watched a lot of scifi movies and wondered, "How would that work in real life?" The best parts of the book are where he combines his engineering background with scifi scenarios, explaining how to use current, cutting-edge tech like exoskeletons, unmanned aerial vehicles, and battlefield robots, in order to defeat werewolves, ninjas and pirates.

Perfect for kids and nerds of all ages, this book is like futurism for science fiction lovers. You can pick up one of these indispensable survival guides here.


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Annalee Newitz

@ManchuCandidate: Oh hai — if you're at war with aliens, then you'd want to make your FemBot battle-ready. Duh.