Tips: Jesus doesn't approve of man-on-bot sexiness, tour a cave in Klingon, and more!

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Every week, we round up the best tips that you post in io9's tips forum. This week, we've got a mash-up tours in Klingon, wacky posters, even wackier Kafka, sexbots, science, and much more!

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Tip: It's official... geeks are taking over.

Because now they're offering Klingon tours.

LittleDragon brings us this wonderful story:

Tired of never finding a tour in your language? Tired of listening to boring human languages? Well my fine Klingon tourists now you can enjoy a tour in you own language right here on Earth. Please no battling in the Caves.


God bless you, Australian nerds. God bless you.

Tip: Wanna feel depressed about our impending doom? Look no further.

Apparently some art students made a video documenting all of the nuclear testing that's happened since the initial first bomb was set off. It's pretty bleak but mesmerizing.


Via Lawdog:

So...this is disturbing. []
Every nuke ever detonated (that we know of). Guess who's been a busy boy. America! Fuck yeah! Oh, right. Just plain fuck.

Thanks for helping me start my day with a nice big cup o' fear, Phil Plait.

Tip: These are kind of like if Pink Floyd had an awesome baby with Tron.

BullfightsOnAcid brought on the cool:

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Examples of Retro Futurism in Poster Design


Tip: Secret Kafka papers! Let the lovers of the written word rejoice!

Oh Kafka, you wacky bastard. Still pulling out the surprises 90 years after your death.

CuriousYellow gave us the tip (with a bonus awesome Onion clip):

Safety deposit boxes containing thousands of Kafka manuscripts have been opened and may or may not be made available to the public (court decisions pending).

Kafka requested all his documents to be burned upon his death, but his not-good-at-keeping-promises friend didn't follow through.


Tip: LA has plans to not become a wasteland.

Oh, sorry, did I say "become"? I meant "continue to be." Zing!

EdificeComplex supplied us with this tasty bit of architectural goodness:

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Newsweek and Sprint asked three LA based architecture firms to develop concepts for a possible Los Angeles in the year 2030. All three designs focus on a denser urban population with heavier reliance on public transportation.


Tip: Darth Vadar: he has to wade through customer service just like the rest of us.


He also seems to be pretty tech savy which makes sense given the, you know, buttons. And the mostly mechanical body.

HashMaster9000 brings on the lulz:

I know we all want to get over Apple's Antennagate, but this is hilarious. Posted it in tips on Gizmodo as well. Thanks guys & gals!


Also, may I just say I thoroughly enjoy the idea of Vadar rocking out to the Imperial March during his down time.

Tip: Wondering if Jesus has anything to say about that Sexbot 3000 you've been building?


Well, apparently he does!

CanuckJacq brought us the tip:

Ok now this isn't new but I just saw it. Inadvertently hilarious.

"Why Sex with Robots is Always Wrong"


Tip: Given the last tip, I thought it was only appropriate to post this one next.


Because it concerns Real Dolls! Yaaaay.

In case you don't know what a Real Doll is... well, the video will enlighten you. It's basically as realistic as a sex doll can get which is some people's dream and some people's nightmare. In either case, the inventor himself talks about what it means concerning the development of sex robots and the like. The video is very NSFW because, you know, latex nipples and va-jay-jays and such.


SupaChupacabra brought us a photo gallery (which, again, is NSFW) and the video:


Honey Pie from California is a place. on Vimeo.

Tip: In news concerning actual human women, apparently something absolutely crazy has been realized.


So, yeah, stop the presses: female geeks exist.

Via HidingInCanada:

So like, I don't know if you guys knew this, but according to this article, WOMEN, yeah, that's right, those people with vaginas and stuff, women, they actually like science fiction and fantasy!! Isn't that a shocking revelation? Ladies: they have more interests than lipstick and fashion magazines!

"Girl Geeks", the hot new trend that's sweeping the nation.


Thanks The USA Today for telling us that or else I might have forgotten that I had any ladyparts at all! Or thought my all-consuming love of Mike Nelson was a passing phase.


In conclusion, GirlLibrarian has provided us with a wonderful video:

All Doctor Who intros and theme songs from 1963-2010. Which one is your favorite? I love the 80's cheese title cards, but the new music is fab.


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Syafiqjabar of Mars

Sex with robots is always wrong.

...except if they're sentient robots. Thought you can get out of relationships that easily, huh? Why else do you think people keep trying to create more advanced AI?