Tiny Toons Is Returning for More Adventures on HBO Max

Some of the Tiny Toons from Tiny Toon Adventures.
Some of the Tiny Toons from Tiny Toon Adventures.
Image: Amblin Entertainment

They’re tiny, they’re toony, they’re all a little, well, Looney Tunes. HBO Max and Cartoon Network have announced Tiny Toons Looniversity, the latest ‘90s animated series revival from executive producer Steven Spielberg.


According to a press release, Tiny Toons Looniversity has been given a straight-to-series, two-season order. Based on the characters from Tiny Toon Adventures, Tiny Toons Looniversity centers around the wild antics of some of the Looney Tunes offspring—including Babs and Buster Bunny, Elmyra, and Montana Max—as they study to become the next generation of professional toons.

The announcement comes on the heels of the new Animaniacs reboot, which premieres on November 20. It seems like HBO Max is keen on bringing back some of those popular Saturday morning cartoons, possibly more for the parents who grew up with them in the first place, rather than their kids. Erin Gibson is coming onboard as showrunner and executive producer, with Adventure Time’s Nate Cash and Spielberg also serving as executive producers. No expected production or release date has been announced.

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Can we stop cynically strip mining the nostalgia of Millenials and instead actually come up with some original concepts. Animaniacs was fine. Tiny Toons was fine. They were products of the 90s. They don’t need to be rebooted.

Just leave stuff be for christs sake